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Help me not give in....


Shut up Ethel

Feel like a right sap but I am so so so wobbly, Mr L is downstairs cooking his tea, I can't begrudge him his dinner but it smells really good and I. Am. Starving.

And I'm annoyed that at the end of day 4 having been 100% and drunk all my water etc I am feeling terrible. really pants. Can't see why I shouldn't just give it up as a bad job and be a fat lass for the rest of my days.

I don't remember it being this hard to get into ketosis first time round - could it be that I'll find it so very difficult as this is round 2?

Hayulp, hayulp - I'm about a rizla's width away from the fridge door...
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can see the end in sight!
liz don't do it! Have a bath, a shake and go to bed early!! You will feel so much better soon. Do you have a particular goal in mind for when you lose weight? A new dress or outfit or abseiling or something like that? Visualize yourself wearing/doing it slim and confident. I found picturing myself in my new jeans really helped me when I wobbled and the OH was chowing down on something delicious.

Think of the long term benefits of losing the weight an how good you will feel.


WILL be Slim!
At least give yourself to Weigh in hun....
Go and have a long hot bath and pamper yourself while DH has his tea!
Walk away from any temptation....
have a look online at dresses you want to get into...anything but food hun!


Gold Member
Liz, please don't do it! You've done it before, so you know that it can be done. Aare you able to go out of the house at all? In the first few days when I restarted I had one occasion where I had to go into the garden and 'do something, anything' so I ended up lopping loads of branches off the trees and bushes [laugh]

You know this gets easier, and you know you can't give in! We will have to meet up again when we're skinny!


Shut up Ethel
I want to do it, I really do, I have a dress and an event in mind...perhaps if I tell you about it it will take my mind off things. I'll have to try to find a photo to show you....that will take a bit longer!

anyway we went to butlins in May for a girly weekend and we all wore the same outfit - a short, sleeveless, gold sequinned dress. Thank god it was stretchy otherwise I'd have had no hope. Bought it early 09 and thought I'd 'slim into it' ha ha ha of course I didn't! Against my size 12 friend I felt like a heifer. Interestingly the other two girls are both on the larger side, not as big as me, but in the pictures they look quite nice and I look horrendous.

In September (almost exactly 100 days after my CD start date, funnily enough) we are going back to Butlins for 'disco inferno' and want to wear the outfits again. And no way, just No Way On This Earth am I going out in that again at 15 stone, not now I've seen the pictures!

Mr L's meal is something I would never, ever choose - a tomato/chicken ready meal - and yet all I want to do is go downstairs and mug him for it!!

thanks both - this is helping....


Shut up Ethel
Cheers Ruth - good plan - shall go into garden and mooch up and down it for a bit. And yes, absolutely, another night out would be brilliant!


can see the end in sight!
awful as it sounds, put yourself back at butlins the first time and remember how awkward you felt and how you don't want to go back to that!

Something similar has kept me going, I went to a nightclub last year for a friends leaving do and I felt so awkward and massive in my cardigan and sweating loads and just eww. Never again!
c'mon liz, Im on day 4 too, and we can do it!!

I felt like you did an hour ago, and its passed now, just made a shake in to a mousse and split it in to 2 bowls, so Ive got 2 lots of food to look forward to.

My brain is addled today, and Im so so so tired, was fine at work, but now Ive got home I could just sleep for england!

If you wanna be sent to sleep then my diary link is below, from 2006 until now, that will addle your brain, but may also remind you as to why the heck we are doing this ;)


Shut up Ethel
I've put a photo in my profile album - me, in May, in the dress. This was the weekend that crystallised it all for me, well that and my recent holiday - just realised I can't go on like this. Felt VERY fat and unattractive!


just wants to be slim
Keep strong!! If it's any consolation I have to cook dinner for my kids every day and depending on what I cook it can be pure torture. I'm even drooling over lettuce so you can imagine what happened when I cooked a roast chicken. I was soooo close to eating it! The first week is the hardest, it will pass and get easier as I'm sure you know. Think how good you will look and feel in a matter of weeks when you drop a dress size, and then another, and another. Think how good you can look next time you go on holiday. This is a few months out of your life then you can eat food again and even treat yourself whilst looking slim and feeling healthy. A few months will change your life so much!!! And a few months is nothing in the big picture!! You will feel so much stronger when you have a weigh in too, set a short goal to get to your weigh in day, then the results will lift your spirits and help you through once you look at the scales. I've started cooking boring meals for my kids (poor things) so I don't torment myself anymore than necessary, and have a porridge to eat whilst they eat so after the initial cooking pain I get to munch and with a cup of coffee it's actually surisingly filling. I'm addicted to the porridge. At a worst case nibble on one of the CD bars, the chocolate orange is really chewy and nice with a coffee and even if you have to have it as an extra portion/half portion its a lot better than going completely off the rails and wont really affect your weight loss much as the occasional treat just to get you over the difficult part.

Hope this helps a little :)
hey there - day 4 can be sooooo hard for some people....it's the day when our bods run out of carbs...and tries to tell us that it's time to re-fill - DON'T DO IT !!! you are soooo nearly there - Ketosis is not far away and then you'll not feel hungry... please please please stick with it :) the results are so worth it !

stay on here and keep us posted !

Debz xx
You can do this, honey. The ladies above are soo right - you need to distract yourself - baths are great, as are good books. Also, doing a bit of online window shopping takes hours - especially if you log onto something like Debenhams and go into EVERY dept! Lol!
I think you need to break the thought of 'I can't have'..you can have whatever you want, but you are choosing not to at this moment. xx
Hi Liz, hope you managed to resist temptation last night. I'm on 3rd day today, but felt like you last night, sat at the table while hubby and my 3 year old ate homemade chicken curry (which I might add, I cooked the previous day and didn't touch), it smelt sooo good, but i'm today i'm so relieved I didn't even have a mouthful, it makes me feel strong!!


just wants to be slim
OMG look at you Crazylilblondie!!!! Wow!!! You look amazing! If those photos aren't enough to keep other people motivated then nothing is!!!! Have you done this all since Feb? I'm impressed, well done!!!
OMG look at you Crazylilblondie!!!! Wow!!! You look amazing! If those photos aren't enough to keep other people motivated then nothing is!!!! Have you done this all since Feb? I'm impressed, well done!!!
Aww thankyou! Yeah I lost the bulk of my weight Feb - May, but unforch for the last 2 months ive been yoyo-ing back and fourth with the same 7lbs, binging and cheating alot :( So i can't stress enough how important it is to stick to plan and then move through maintenance... the treats along the way just arent worth it!!


Shut up Ethel
Hello all, just a thank you for your support, I didn't give in - and today is day 6 and feeeeeeling FINE !! xxx


can see the end in sight!
yay liz! I was thinking about you and wondering how you were going. So glad to hear you are feeling good and have gotten over the worst of it! Yay! When's your first weigh in? It will all be worth it then x


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Well done for getting through it Liz - the demons are bad sometimes but it is just about getting through the tough times and remembering that it is only food. It will be there tomorrow, next week, next month - when you finish!


just wants to be slim
Crazylilblondie - you've done so well, once you can control your cravings you'll be fine. If it's any help, I read the Paul McKenna 'I can make you thin' book with a hypnotherapy CD just before I started this diet and it is the best £10 I've ever spent. I binge eat and find it hard not to scoff cocolate yet after reading the book and listening to the CD a few times I completely stopped binging and was able to say no to chocolate!!! It really helped me deal with my food cravings, I'd highly recommend you do it as I think it will really help you with your maintenance. I lost a few pounds without trying after dig the book but decided to start the Cambridge diet to get my weight off quickly, and will definately use the book again when I reach maintenance to keep the binging at bay!

Well done Liz, you've almost over the first week and it's up up up from here :D

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