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Help me please girls..n boys!

Hey everyone,

Basically, (bare with me, im about to start rambleing!).. whilst at the spa last week, i was reading er, think it was womans own.. and it had ainsley harriot and series of different recipes, now i wasn't really paying attention but there was one picture that stuck out in my mind, it looked amazing!

it was chopped up lentil and carrot, witha few chopped kidney beans, in a cous cous and topped with chicken, Oh yes. It looked divine.

Now my question is, firstly,, i dont like flavoured cous cous, or atleast iv never found one i like, secound, do lentils taste like crap? and does anyone have any suggestions on how to make it really really yummy instead of really really tastless.

I usually rely on swartz to help me in a time like this, but now im a bum i should put more effort into creating my own sauces and spices..

So for those of you who are a whiz in the kitchen, help me! .. my sister comes over for tea on tuesday and since being pregnant shes like the devil, always hungry, never satisfied and ALWAYS has somthing to complain about. So i'd like to cook her somthing that looks good and she wont brand 'diet food' .. - everytime i feed her somting she eats a bar of chocky after, even if its the biggest meal she's ever had, just cause she knows it'd be sw friendly! LOL

xxxxx help me!! xxxxxxx
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I don't like plain cous cous but I do lurve the Ainsley ones, esp the spice sensation and moroccan medley ones. Lentils are lovely (IMO), red lentils are good, as are puy lentils which don't go mushy, they retain a bit of a bite.
If you use plain cous cous I would say use tons of seasoning, salt, pepper, freshly chopped herbs. It's a winner every time.
Hope this helps! tell her it was an ainsley recipe and she won't guess it's been SW'd!
Hehe, thank you! any perticualr herbs / spices u think i should try? also should i add some sorty of dip or sauce so its not too dry? x

a shopping list may come in handy here :p


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fresh parsley and coriander are good, add some ground coriander and cumin or chilli flakes if you like a bit of spice!

A nice FF natural yoghurt dip would be good, chop up some mint and cucumber into it. Yummy!
For my cous cous I soak it in chicken or veg stock instead of water then add some pepper, sage, a little garlic salt, chopped cherry tomatoes, chopped cucumber and chopped spring onions! Yummy!
mm that sounds good. Maybe if i soaked the plain cous cous in chicken stock with some sage and the lentils and carrots and kidney beans, salt and pepper etc.. and then added the chicken on top.. maybe i'l add some red pepper and red onion? x


Desperate to be slim!
The other day at school we had a big lunch things that 2 TA's made for us, and one of the dishes was cous cous... now, I don't like cous cous, I think it tastes of nothing and has a funny texture, but this was AMAZING!!!

It had loads of fresh herbs, feta cheese in cubes, cherry toms and pomegranete seeds.

If you like, I can ask Maureen to bring in the recipe on Monday for me. I think you can use feta as an A choice as well.
i was gunna say about poss adding feta, but do u think it'd go right with chicken and veg?

OH took me out fo tea the other evening in batn and we had 2 tuna steaks on a olive feta cheese and greek salad, topped with poached apricot and mango finly chopped on top. it was gurt lush!

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