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help me please, in tears



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you have to do whats best for you my darling.. make a list of pros and cons about each diet.. like.. one for the one your on now.. and one for the one you think you will be doing.. and just work out whats best for you..
this could just be a moment where you feel down.. and its hard.. and you could pick up again tomorrow..
dont make any hasty decisions.. you're doing fantastic so far..

Loadsa love n hugs

Cat x x x

ps.. gawjus photo.. :)


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I know sometimes this thing really tests you, just keep thinking that it will all be worth it in the end, visualise yourself reaching that goal. Go and tuck up and be proud of yourself and all the great things you have done already and how far you have come. It is all in your head... you can do this... keep in control... dont let it beat you... keep going xxxxxxx

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I started the Lipotrim diet 2.5 weeks ago, the first week for me was very easy, BUT I made up for that in the second, every minute of everyday that week I was thinking about "Food"! I'm into my 3rd week now and I'm finding it OK, much as the 1st week, please keep going, the results will speak for themselves! You can and will do this!! XX


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Think about how much you want to lose this weight. Take the diet a day at a time and congratulate yourself (words not food) every day you succeed.

Oh and use bb code for your tracker to work

Irene xx
i know its hard but ull really kick urself if u give up now. i did cd last year for a month and lost 21 lbs but gave up as i was finding it hard and never got back on it and now cant really afford to do it with everything going on. so my advice is just have an early night and sleep on it and put it behind u and start again tomorrow and if u feel bad again come on here and everyone will help hope alls well hun talk later xx
aww honey it is hard and we all know exactly how you are feeling cos we all feel that way sometimes. Try to think of the reasons why you started, what you want to achieve. Imagine how good you will feel when you get to your goal. Only you can decide what is best for you and only you can achieve it. BUT you can get laods of support here - happy to help if you need to talk.



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arrrr hugs for you,just hole on in there you just want to be thin like the rest xx

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I had a couple of wobbly days too, in tears, thinking I couldn't do it and really thought I was on the slippery slope to failure. It did pass after a couple of days and I feel fine now I just kept thinking I wanna be slim more than I want to eat. You do need to be 100% committed on SS for it to feel easy, if your head's not in the right place you will struggle. How about trying one of the higher plans if you can't cope with ss, then perhaps you could try ss again after a few weeks and see how you feel then.

Good luck with whatever you decide.
it sounds like your in two minds as to what you want to do about your weight. For me the 1st week was extremly hard but i feel good now and hardly think about food. Maybe you should give it another try or move up the plans a bit so you could have a meal? (((((hugs))))
At the end of the day - life is about making choices - this path or that path. Presumably you chose to walk the path where temptation wouldnt get in your way by following the CD plan, either in the short term or the long term. You can see the other path and that is full of distractions, which of course you can choose to walk passed and still get to the same destination but at a different speed. You have also chosen to start this journey on which ever path seemed appropriate at the time. Who chose this course of action? Was it YOU or some significant OTHER person? WHO would you be letting down a) if you changed your mind b) if you chose to walk the other path? WHO?? You can only answer this for yourself and when you do - YOU will know what you must do to be "genuinely happy" and not just out of a difficult moment.
For me the separation from "food as WE know it" gives me time to a) adjust b) reflect on my style of life c) reflect on my choices of food & drink d) reflect on the social circumstances that often "seem" to dictate what I should do - eat - drink when with others. I am so pleased to have this time and it does take pressure off AND I am losing weight, I am changing shape, I am actually happy with myself and I have the best balance of nutrition possible. These are all very positive things to me and therefore it is not a huge test of endurance.
Do make sure you are drinking the necessary water throughout the day; because that all helps the feeling of well being and often when you are feeling "hungry" your body actually needs more fluid.
Choose what is BEST for you, but you need to be your own BEST FRIEND. Good luck xx
thank you so much guys
i didnt cave last night, and im glad as i woke up another 2lbs lighter.
i think i will take each day as it comes


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Hi honey,

Y'know everyone says week 1 is the toughest, and it certainly is with the headaches, hunger pangs etc....but once you are in ketosis you feel fab and you get your 1st week weigh in and its brilliant......BUT I actually think week 2 is the hardest.........

For me personally week 2 was a little bit of an anti-climax and my sense of smell, taste etc went haywire.......I was crying with an emotional hunger (definately not physical hunger) and I felt bloody miserable...sadly I fell off the wagon (soon jumped straight back on) but I was given some amazing support and advice and I started to follow the 790 plan.......it really x a squillion helped me.

I'm now on week 3, and has been mentioned earlier on, I feel like I'm at the tail end of week one again...I feel brill....really in control and a squillion times more positive.......

Anyhoo, what I'm trying to say in my 'round the houses and back again' way....is that if you can get through this horrible week two then the world is your oyster...or should that be cottage cheese? (yum!)......

You just stick with it babe.....give it another week and see how you feel........I have a funny feeling you will feel faa-bulous!

Either way, whatever decision you eventually make it will be YOUR choice.....don't forget you are doing this diet for YOU.....and YOU are a bloody gorgeous girlie and I'm pretty sure you can do this!

Go for it hun...change your life and do something amazing just for YOU!

Good 4 U Chuckie21 X Theres Highs & Theres Lows X Just Think Of The End Result & How Happy You Will Be
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Hope you had a better day tomorrow

Remember you are not alone.We all have bad days,but well done for getting through it

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