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Help Me Please


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ok here goes ive been bold real bold but ive had a lot going on to be honest my marriage nearly broke up and i managed to stay on tfr (that was fri 2 weeks ago)we sorted things out andwhat did i go and do i had a salad then i had a mojor crisis with my job(im self employed)and again i had salad now i was very careful and only stuck to day 1 refeed but i done this fri sun mon tue wed and then today my 11 year old i found out had been bullying(IM MORTAFIED OVER THIS AND NEVER EXPECTED IT ) a kid in his class aparently its been going on for months (i knew nothing about it)i had to go up to the school as he really hurt the other child and this eve even though i swore this morning nothing was going to stop me goin hell for leather with the diet i ate but i had milk in my coffee i had a salad with chicken a slice of roll and cheese and another coffee with milk WHAT DO I DO DO I GIVE UP ??BUT I REALLY WANT TO GET INTO MY SIZE 12S AGAIN REALLY WHAT IM ASKING IS SHOUL I JUST BE CAREFUL OVER THE WEEKEND OR SHOULD I GO RIGHT BACK ON IT TOMORROW im so stressed at the moment the only thing i can say is i would normally dive for the choclate and i didnt which im proud of but im still turning for food as my comfort PLEASE PLEASE HELP SOMEONE ALL ADVICE OR CRITICISM IS WELCOME PLEASE
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Back on the diet train...
aww hun im sorry u avin such a rubbish time at the mo. :hug99:sendin u hugs.

well done for resistin the chocolate, i no how hard that is but feel proud u didnt giv in. :)

i no wot u mean bout the turnin 2 food in times like these. i did it last time only i never went back on tfr an ended up 2stone heavier.

i would say get back on track 2mo an just b aware that u may av put sum on or stay the same. but only u no how u feelin at the mo an if u can cope with this diet 100% whilst ur dealin wiv ur problems.

i was goin 2 say stick 2 protein if u eat like chicken but mayb findin a way 2 cope without turnin 2 food is the better option. wot bout a walk each time u feel u gettin closed in that way u can clear ur head an work out answers not usin chocolate.

the thing bout this diet is it takes away the thing we used 2 deal wiv r problems like upset. u got hit wiv tough stuff hun, marriage, child and job. its not easy 2deal wiv that an not go crazy but now u av wrote here it shows u wana make a decision. either take a break 2 deal wiv these issues or get bk on the tfr an find new ways 2 help u sort things out.

i hope i dont sound horrible hun and i hope u can make a decision thats best 4 u. good luck!!


I agree with everything bex says. All I can add is massive hugs and I'm so sorry you're going through all this right now. Be strong and try to at least stick to healthier things and come back to tfr when your head is in a better place. xxx


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I am so sorry hunny and would never criticise you:hug99: Food is what we naturally turn to in times of need and it is a great comfort.

It is my belief that this 'need' association with food needs to be broken for long term success. It is extremely important to be able to find ways of coping without the desire to turn to food. That is easier said than done I know and if at this moment you feel you cannot cope with life events and TFR then it may be best to take a break for a while.

Please do not feel bad or beat yourself up be kind to yourself. The desire for food as an emotional crutch is desperately difficult to overcome.

I am pleased for you and your husband and I hope things work out. Also I hope you get things resolved with your son and business and things get sorted very soon.

I wish you all the luck in the world with whatever you decide at this moment.

Colleen xxx


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Decided this morning to keep trying to get back into tfr
Ive sorted out the marriage and the job front so its just the child to deal with now he aint that bad of a kid but at the moment i could choke him
cant believe he has been bullyin another kids he wasnt raised like that I have taken everything from him as he plays a lot of sports and he has important matches comming up also tv,pc outside, bed at 8 anything i could think of really as i never want this to happen again
i was tryin to decide wheteher to have coffee with milk this morning and i knew then that if i was even thinking about it that i should at least try also a friend gave me a few weeks supply of lipotrim so its sitting there anyway im going to try flush myself out with watewr over the next few days and hope i havent done to much damage to the diet oh the thoughts of having to go through the next few days til i hit ketosis again but i can do it i know i cna but im prob going to need your help aswell PLEASE so i need to get back to posting on here agian as it really does help


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That is great and we are here to support you all the way. In the great big scheme of things 3 days is nothing but an annoying little pimple!

You go girl you will soon be in ketosis and the fact you are this determined shows you are ready to break the habit of turning to food.

So very pleased for you and loads of luck for your next weigh in xxx


Back on the diet train...
aww thats great hun. glad u gettin sorted. just pop on here anytime u need 2. keep drinkin the water hun, keep busy an ketosis will b here b4 u no it. good luck. :)

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