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Extra Easy HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

Ok guys i have just found this forum and joined instantly it looks great!!
My jobs are very hectic and pre slimming world was junk food queen always eating on the run!
I need some tips on quick, easy, food to go options no matter how bad you may think they are!
Supernoodles? Are they free on EE?
At the minute im living on tuna salads!
Please help guys
Thanks! xx
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no they arent free, the low fat ones were but im not sure now as i am doin sw from home, some one else will be able to help u but here are sum pasta n sauce which are free and low syn

Syn free varieties on Green and Extra Easy

Chicken and Mushroom
Chicken and Roast Garlic
Creamy Chicken and Herb
Creamy Tikka Masala
Mushroom and Wine
Tomato, Onion and Herb
Wholegrain, Creamy Tomato and Basil

Varieties with syn values

Carbonara - ½ syn
Cheese, Leek and Ham - 1 syn
Macaroni Cheese - 2 syns
Mild Cheese and Broccoli - ½ syn
Wholegrain, Creamy Carbonara - 1½ syn
Wholegrain, Garlic and Herb - 1 syn
Wholegrain, Mediterranean Tomato and Vegetable - 1 syn

These are all the ones listed online but I think many of them are now discontinued

Hope this helps, also batchelors savoury rice is also free on green & ee xxx



Onwards and downwards!
Mugshots are great to grab and go. I love them, just add water and ready in 5 mins! Oh, and syn free too :D
U can have savoury rice (think i maybe said that lol) then on green and extra easy u can eat unlimited meat, egg, potatoes, grains, pulses but if on extra easy try to have 1/3 of your plate superfree foods which is most veg and fruit, u can unlimited amounts of these also, o and on green and extra easy the spicy curry pot noodle in a mug is free!!how good is that!lol x
U can have savoury rice (think i maybe said that lol) then on green and extra easy u can eat unlimited meat, egg, potatoes, grains, pulses

NO NO NO! Only on red can you have unlimited meats! And only with all visible fat cut off and always always check syns of processed things such as sausages!


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Hard boiled eggs are quite good for snacking on, and things like cooked chicken etc are free on Red and EE. Batchelors savoury rice is one of my faves as they're all free on Green and EE.

Shape 0% yoghurts are also syn free, and in my opinion they're nicer than mullerlights as they're thicker and creamier :) Also the weight watchers dessert yoghurts are yummy!

You could have things like carrots sticks, cucumber, pepper sticks etc chopped up in the fridge (or in little bags) ready to snack on. And things like tomatoes etc are handy to grab and go! Also all fresh fruit is syn free, and good to have on the go :)

Sian xxx
Couscous is my new best friend. I have a packet in my drawer at work and some stock cubes and soya sauce. Makes a tasty and filling snack with that alone - just boil the kettle and bob's yer uncle! I also buy some frozen salmon fillets and microwave it at home in the morning before I go to work, plus take some cherry tomatoes and spring onions and add them to the couscous.

Of course, the possibilities are never ending with couscous!
Pot noodle 'wot not in a pot' sachets, chicken flavour are free on green/ee. They are in the cup a soup section

Sundar or ASDA own brand tinned chick pea dhal is free on green/ee and great on its own or in a jacket potato

Heinz meat ravioli is 2.5syns for a 410g tin on green/ee- if you can find the meat free variety it is free on green/ee

Tesco light choices, tinned chicken in white sauce is 1 syn on red/ee for a 410g tin-

Tesco tinned stewed steak in gravy is also free on red/ee for 410g tin

TBH- the easiest 'fast food' I find is leftovers! Just make too much tea the night before and get a nice tupperware tub and it just takes a couple of minutes in the microwave the next day! Healthier, quicker and cheaper!!!
I have also discovered Alpan light cereal bars which are a god send as i can have 2 as a HE!
What breakfasts are good? Im not a very good breakfast person and pre slimming world was a toast and butter girl!

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