Help me to get back on track....PLEASE!!!!

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    Hi All,

    So this is my situation - I need help! Last summer I was on Cambridge and I successfully lost nearly 2 stone and felt GREAT!!!! But then things got a bit difficult. I got into a new relationship and found dating impossible on the plan (not eating out and not having a few drinks - I just couldn't do it). Plus I decided to give up smoking...which pushed me completely off the wagon.

    Since then however I have not smoked for 9 months and have just moved in the afore mentioned person I started dating last summer - life is good. However, I have also piled on the weight to make me heavier than I was when I started last summer.

    A few weeks ago a started Slimming World with my mum, but I just don't think it's for me! I think i'm all or nothing if you know what I mean?! All that work to lose 1lb in a week....YAWN!!! Don't get me wrong, for some people its perfect and I know loadssss of people who have lost on SW - but I like to visablly see results. It motivates me.

    In 3 months I turn 30!!!!!! And I always promised that by then i'd have given up smoking (check) and be at me goal weight of 11 stone 7lbs to wear me dream dress for my birthday. I want to come back to Cambridge but need to get the "mind set" back. I have been looking at hideous pics of myself today that I hate and I can feel my brain clicking into place - but has anyone got anything else they do to get "in the zone"??

    Anyone had a great weigh in week they can tell me about??? I know the first week back is the worst...I remember how badly I craved Jacket Potato - but I want to be THINNNNNER!!!! Arghhhhhhhh...

    Keep going everyone...

    Holly x

    Week One: 15 stone 7lbs :cry:

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