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Oh Skinnier Me...sorry you're struggling!

Usually hit Ketosis about Day 3/4. Which is when the real 'hunger' subsides.
I actually bought some Ketostix from the chemist, just so I could confirm it - makes me feel better some how, knowing I am actually burning fat now.

Have you tried splitting your shakes if you like lots of little meals and are you drinking plenty of water?

I don't often find I'm hungry but I find I want food!!

I kinda like that though, as it makes me realise how much I must eat for no reason - bored, tired, time of day, just cos I thought about it etc

I found LT really good for that 'educational' value last year.

Keep at it hun - the first wk is meant to be one of the hardest and you're almost there. Just think how good it'll feel at your weigh in when you've had a big loss x x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
It will get easier and very quickly. You must keep strong for the next couple of days and the hunger will pass. Rather than drinking big glasses of water at a time, keep a bottle handy and keep sipping. I found it really helped me. Just hang in there, it will get better. Just think of your first weigh in.
The first week really is tough! Once the hunger goes it's much easier to not think about food, but, you still might be thinking a lot about it for a couple of weeks (well,I was, but not in such a desperate way once I wasn't hungry any more). Keep the water up & treat yourself to something nice - like a long relaxing bath!

Good luck :)

Oh hun i know day three is really hard but you will be so happy that you stuck with it wen you get weighted! Just take a deep breath and remember why you decided to do this?????? Remember you will be so happy wen you lose the weight! It will be ok the hunger does get easier to deal with and it will change into something which you wil be happy you feel but delighted you can not go to food!

You will be ok, the first few weeks r hard but this isnt meant to be easy otherwise everyone wud do it and you get such incredible results from this it cant be all plain sailing!

Just keep with it an in a few weeks you wil be saying all of this to someone else on day 3!
Bless you,it is really hard doing LT for the first few days, but I assure you it does get easier! Just focus on that first weigh in, it helps to keep you motivated as do consequent ones. Just drink plenty of water and black tea/coffee, I also like peppermint tea with a sweetener. And do something else that doesn`t remind you of food....this site is absolutely brilliant when you feel like giving up. Best of luck, you CAN and WILL do it!! x

you're possibly on the hardest day but it does get easier....honest!!

Stick with it and use the forum for support. You can do it!!


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