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help me



is gonna do it!!
Don't frett about it, it's done now!!
I ate loads over the weekend and im back on it today, so you can too!!
I cheated for 3 days solid last time and still lost 2lbs, so if you stop now, you can still lose some weight this week.
Was the fry up nice???
OH DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP. Just get right back on the plan. I had a night off last week, it was planned and we went out for a lovely meal. I went straight back on next day and still lost 2.5 lbs so chin up. You are human but just draw a line under it and right back on track.

i wish i could get get back to it, i dont find it hard getting back on ss i do it for about 3 days then i slip up, its just so annoying ive still got loads to lose and im tired of being a failure
on the plus side... were there lots of sausages/eggs/bacon/fried mushrooms???

if so you may be lucky and be able to salvage the ketosis.

or was it heavy on the carbs??? if so you may need to endure the 3 days getting back into it...

oh well, whats done is done so get glugging on the water and get back onto the shakes!!!!!


is gonna do it!!
That's very true actually, a fry up is not as bad as it seems as its mostly meat.:D
You haven't got that much to lose babes!! You could lose that weight in no tiime if you focuus and stick with it!!
Come on, we'll do it together!!!
awww thanks, im just really peed at myself, i just dont get how someone can want something so bad but is so determined to ruin it all the time
i did have a hash brown and one slice of bread, but your right get straight back to it, do you think i should have my packs today or leave them till tomorrow, i know i wont eat no more today
break up your journey a little...
if it seems like a long haul then make it into more manageable chunks.
everytime i have hit a new stone barrier i have been ecstatic, ie into 13's,12's,11's and then 10's...
Now i am desperate to get into 9's as this is the last one!!! woop woop...
make some mini goals and it will be easier to envisage getting to goal.
i would still have your packs, otherwise you risk feeling deprived and may reach for something bad!

just carry on as if it never happened, the key is to not dwell on any mishaps for too long. otherwise it may lead to more eating with an 'oh f*** it' feeling of ive eaten so i may as well carry on!!!

dont know if this applies to you but i used to beat myself up big time and carry on eating sh*t instead of getting back on track!

good luck x
Look it's done now so draw a line under it and forget about it. Beating yourself up over it is not going to make it go away and will only serve to make you feel worse/guilty etc.

If you can get through 3 days then make a deal with yourself and allow yourself some sort of pampering treat if you make it to 4 days. And from there add on days until you find that you have completed a full week. If you can get through one complete week then you can get through another etc. Take it in steps like that, keep yourself busy and try not to dwell on the negatives.
come on dont stress out about its done there is nothing you can do, if you feel really guilty do something to take your mind off of it, when it happens to me i go for a walk, cycle or swimming i find if i feel guilty by doing some exercise no matter what it is i feel better good luck just think of the weight that you have lost, you can do this

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