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help me


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hey peeps,
long time since ive been on here, you all helped me so much when i was on here so im back to beg you to slap me :copon: into the real world.

problem 1
Been going gym since jan , overall fittness is fab now but im running race 4 life in july and im so not ready, i can run 5k at gym in 43 mins, but when its comes to road running i crumble, bf tried to help he runs marathons but im still finding it hard.

problem 2
i havent lost any weight in 6 months, i have tried to go back on ww but failed, there is nutrient person at gym but some reason i lost motivation. help me
someone motivate me. im doing race for life in memory of my nan, got t shorts sorted with pic and everything.
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i cant give you any advice with the running as its not something i do but it sounds like bf is trying to help.
good luck with ww and welcome back-tho i dont think i was here when you last were


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Thanks, i know he trying his best but times ticking and im having wisdom tooth out in hospital on the 2ng july, just feel like i cant do it


I'm going to be slim
You can do it :vibes:

You are doing it for all the right reasons
Good luck


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im just been gym and feel positive today. keep me going peeps
Your first problem is that running on a treadmill in a gym is hugely different to running outside! you will find that you are able to run roughly half of what you do at the gym outdoors. The best way to remedy this is to get running outside. The treadmill doesnt provide you with the effects of impact or running on different surfaces which is whay you are getting tired while out.

onto problem 2: The lack of weight loss could be due to your body getting used to the same old routine. Shake your diet, workout regime and intesity up every 3 weeks so your muscles dont become acustomed to what you are doing.

You will start to see results soon...


Hiya Chucks!!
Hiya i run/jog but not very long distances.

I have never run on a dreadmill but from what ive been told there is no comparison to running outside.

How about starting off walking+running?
If you are finding running outside hard then i think (but im no expert)walking briskly for 2mins and the running for 3 mins repeating another 6 times totalling 35 mins would be a good start for you do this 4 times a week with a rest day inbetween.

I do agree with shaking things up abit too,so maybe introduce something different as well,anyway you have very good support from your OH thats a good thing (mine just looks daft at me).
When is your race mines 12th July.
good luck..:)


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Have you checked out the composition of your weight? There's a fair chance that you now may weigh the same but it'll be more lean muscle and less fat.

..... also have you taken your inches? All that running is bound to be making a difference!


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im confused, have i checked what???
ohh i also went to western park today where i am doing race for life and biked round it. its very hilly


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ooo it that the thing that tests ow much good fat and bad fat u have,
went for 1.4 mile run yesterday 18 mins!!

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