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help meeeeee

its official, iv lost it, had two really bad weeks, firstly half term........i work all day and evening weekends so i make sure in kids school hollidays i do everything i can, i took them out every day, for the whole day, and ate crap, and plenty of it, then it was my twin daughters 4th birthday, did them a party and ate loads of crap again, then it was works do at an all u can eat chinese buffet place, ate a bit drank a lot (it was free.....) then yesterday had to do a 12 hour shift at work on training (im a chef) we have a new menu so had to cook the new menu and eat it, new painkillers make me so drowsy and sleepy got no motivation at all, its week before payday so am skint which means cheap and cheerfull food which is unfortunately the worst for us, am avoiding meetings and weigh ins, cos i feel so bad, such a failure, a big fat mess :( its killing me cos i know i can do this, i just dont want to, i want to one of those people who can eat what they like and not put on weight, iv just lost it, need to get my head in gear, not really got anyone i can talk to about it in my non cyber life thats why im so glad iv found this, found you all, cos i know u understand, and wont judge, im going to give myself a real push this week and see how i go, if i still cant get it back im going to try something different, i refuse to give up on myself, just needed this rant.
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The thing that sticks out in your post to me is you don't want to, I think you are going to have to have a word with yourself and set out some goals.

Hope you are in a clearer frame of mind and good luck on the journey.
I truly believe ANY diet is 20% physical (follow the plan, count the points etc) and 80% mental. If your head isn't in the right place then no diet in existence is going to succeed.

We can only help in supporting you but we can't physically stop you from eating the wrong things - only you can do that. We can applaud your willpower but you need to apply that willpower first.

I'm not berating you because I have a serious weight problem myself but I know the feelings that come with starting a weight loss journey. One of hopelessness "I have so much to lose - it's going to take so long" and of resentment "It's not fair! Why can't I be like those who can eat what they want and stay slim?"

In reality though there are few people like that. You may SEE some skinny minnie eating a giant iced muffin and think 'how come she can eat that and be so slim?' but she probably would go on to have a snack for her evening meal and wouldn't have another muffin for a week or more. There are exceptions but few truly slim people eat the way we do. And that's the cold, harsh truth of it.

Only YOU can decide whether eating party junk in excess is preferable to getting into a smaller size jeans. Only YOU can decide whether eating calorie laden Chinese food makes you feel better than being able to do all the fun things slim people can do. Only YOU can stop making excuses. All WE can do is to support you on whatever journey you choose to get to where you want to be.

I know what it's like - I've been there and continue to struggle with my demons every single day so I do understand where you're coming from. But if you want to lose weight, you need to dig deep and take that first step. You have it within you - you just need to unlock it.

Best of luck - we're here for you x
right, im back, 4 weeks ago i had gastric band hypnotherapy, its fair to say i was scptical, my mum and i both had it and im pleased to say its working, i lost 6 lbs the 1st week 2 the week after and another 2 last week. im so pleased that im not constantly batteling with food anymore, eating healthier and less comes naturally now without thinking about the kind of food that god me into this mess. all i ever wanted was to not want that kind of food all the time, and now i dont. I cant tell u all how happy this has made me :)
So pleased to hear it, that's great news and long may it continue.
It cost £95 in total for the three hours it was a special done in a group by a local hypnoband licensed hypnotherapist, havnt had time to listen to CDs last cpl of weeks but sts last week and another 2 lbs off this week, the thing I wanted more than anything was to not want food all the time and now I don't, iv lost 12 lbs since the hypnotherapy and havnt felt like iv denied myself at all I would certainly recvomemd it :)
im back, been lurking for a while just not posted recently. Well the hypnotherapy was a dead loss lol my fault though i just didnt keeep listening to the cd's. Started calorie counting in April and am doing ok, keep thinking oh only a pound off this week but then i look at the bigger picture, 35 lbs up to now and thats great by me :) so hey ho onwards and inwards lol, good luck to everybody else, its bloody hard, and we all have our moments but it can be done, (hopefully lol) xx


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Excellent news Stacey! Yeah it's tough but then the rewards are going to be so good....keep with it and well done you!



walk walk walk
wow stacey thats great like you said if its only a 1lb its a loss


walk walk walk

we will always be here for you

well July august September and most of October were very hit and miss, more miss in all honesty managed to put 11 lbs back on, however I have lost those again now I'm back on it, and another one or two with it :) since I started trying in May I have lost 2 stone 4 lbs, and in total from January it's 2 stone 12. That's with months off in the middle, I'm chuffed to bits to be honest :) Trying to update my ticker with no luck grrrr, this my laptop may be having a pyjama day lol xx
Well done Stacey. These changes for us affect us huge mentally. I do not think anyone who has not been there can understand it. Most of us have had bad weigh ins and so on but the main thing is to keep moving forward and past that. You seem to get that balance right :)
Thankyou Marie, yes it's certainly one of those things where you have to have been there to know how it is, it is so helpful having this place to come to where we know we won't be judged and we all KNOW how difficult it can be xx

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