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I'm doing this! I know I want to lose weight, but today I'm just craving really badly. I keep looking the kids sweets and thinking, I could happily eat something, would feel much better - much more alert etc, and then could continue on an eating diet tomorrow. I'd still shake another stone by Christmas. Even now as I type this, I'm talking myself in to it.

Remind me why I want to do LL, please, please please!
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Honestly you turned to LL because nothing else worked, this program is SO worth sticking to. If you could stick to a eating diet then why did you start LL.

Lighter Life doesnt just help you lose weight and fast (which is a HUGE PLUS in itself) but it helps you learn about your bad habits and your relationship with food.

Are you bored why do you want to eat? Can you not go out a walk or do some house work? If you SERIOUSLY want to lese weight going to the sweetie tin isnt going to help you do that and one thing is for sure you will be so disapointed with yourself!


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Picnic, think of how crap you will feel if you give in. You've come this far - don't give in now :)

Busy yourself with other things, take your mind off it. Dwelling with just make your internal chatterbox talk you in to it more.

:D xx


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Right, thought record coming up. First time I've done one of these...

What happened?
I was standing in the kitchen and really just wanted to grab food and eat it. I turned and went upstairs, its there in my head, I just want to eat some of the chocolates and cake we have in.

What were my most important thoughts?
I need to eat now.
I deserve some chocolate.
I'm hungry
I did lots of exercise yesterday
A little break of an afternoon won't make that much difference, I'll be able to switch off, watch some crappy telly, and start this again or more probable an eating based diet in the morning.
I'll still be able to lose a stone for Christmas. It won't quite be my goal, but I'll still look and feel much better.
How much weight can I put on in one afternoon? Not all that I've lost, that's for sure...

What else?
I know there's lots of goodies around that everyone else can eat, why can't I?
I'm hungry. I need to relax, eat.
I'm very active, I need to keep my strength up.
I've done well so far, why not reward myself?
I deserve a treat.

What else?
I'm stuck doing work I don't want to do (but can't complain about because its flexible and very well paid)
I'm alone most of the time (working from home)
I'm tired after a rough night with the kids
I resent doing everything for everybody else, and when I don't I feel guilty (I'm not working now and I feel guilty)
I want to choose what I do with my life.

Hot thoughts

- I'm tired, resentful and lack choice in my life.
- No one is commenting on my weight loss, which means it must not be showing, so yet more hard work for nothing.
- No one is nurturing me, so I will.

What I would have done in the past:
Eaten my way through all the food at home that I class as "naughty", sat in front of the telly all afternoon feeling bloated and lethargic, and avoiding doing work I don't want to do through food.

What others would say:
You're v lucky to have your job, but you do work hard and don't get much sleep, so if you need a nap, take one.

Evidence against hot thought:

More realistic thought:

How do I feel now:
Well, I'm not actually sure I've identified the hot thoughts behind this, but I do feel more relaxed and calmer, the desire for food is still there but is much less urgent. I am going to go and take a nap now, then have a soup.

How might I behave now:
Do more thought records when stuff like this occurs
Come on minimins and post away until I feel better!


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Thank you so much for posting so quickly. I love the fact that what I'm going through is shared and others do actually care (the real people around me are just too negative about LL for me to share much, one comment for example: "Oh you just need to stop focussing on food and weight for a while...relax and you'll lose the weight"! (Obviously the person who said that is stick thin...


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Hi picnic, yes I remember those people, who would say just eat healthy yeah right if I could have then I would have.

Hang in there its so so so so worth it I promise you.


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Yes, the thin people are great aren't they? My favourite has to be
Stick thin person: "if you can have all these shakes and not eat crap, why can't you just eat a normal balanced diet?"
Moi: "Erm, because I don't feel hungry with the shakes and I am getting used to my emotional hunger issues and dealing with them in the time I am not eating conventional foods. Duh!"

Some people have no idea!

B x


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After a brief nap I woke up craving food again so I was straight on the phone to my LLC. I talked through my food record and what's going on, and she came straight to the point. Last night at WI I reached the lowest weight I've been this year, and the lowest I've achieved on my two failed attempts at LL. I didn't see it as much of a milestone but she thinks (and I agree) that was much in need of recognition etc., which I don't get at the moment - no-ones noticed my weight loss, and I don't have anyone in the real world to share this journey with. So she thinks it was need of nurturing coming out as an old habit of sitting in front of the TV stuffing chocolates. So I'm not doing that, I'm going out, buying a gossip magazine, taking it to Starbucks (not Costa - I like their food too much!) and spoiling myself that way...

Moral of the story: before you jump, phone your LLC!


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Well done Picnic - a great result working with your LLC.

You are doing great - stick with it. People will notice and they WILL comment......

You'll get fed up of saying "oh thank you!" by the end of it!

:D xx


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You are doing fantastic, well done. I am so glad you called you LLC she really came through for you.

Well done look at what you just got through. Another big achievement. Congrats!

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hiya i feel like that 2day,bn on it nearly 4 wks lost a stne 2 date.i like u no y were doing it but it gets a bit boring but im hanging in there at mo,(just). i need 2 lose anutha 3 st it seems ages keep going we can do this

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really struggling 2day been on it 4wks,lost a stne 3 mo 2 go but it just feels ages away,but worth it

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Picnic, well done getting through it.
I used to go on the computer or go & buy a magazine when I felt like that.
Another thing I like to do is go to bed & watch a film, its much harder getting out of bed to go & get something to eat when you're nice & comfy.
Also thanks for reminding me about thought records, they are so important.