Help needed! Can it really work.... again??? Returner here!


Hi guys...

I'm hoping you can help!

I have been on Cambridge before and lost weight. I have done lipotrim too and lost weight. I have tried to go back on Cambridge but get to about day 4 and pack in....

You see, the last year has been tough, a LOT of stress, comfort eating to major excess and zilch excercise..... anyway I must have gained about 4 stone and am incredibly down about it.

I believe i have reached rock bottom. Can cambridge help me again or will my metabolism from all this coming on and off it have really been messed up beyond return?

I have started a new job and my life I hope is starting to get back on track... but my new uniform wont fit... and I ordered 2 sizes above wot I was!... Honest answers would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks very much!
Vix x
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Hi Vixy

I'm new on this so don't know if I can offer any advice on your specific questions about the Cambridge diet etc, but what I would say is that even if you have reached rock bottom, then at least the only way is up. And you have made a fantastic start by coming on here and publicly saying you need help and that you have to do something. You have done far more than most people do - you have started!

How about not even starting an actual diet as such - especially as you seem to think they won't work. How about just trying to make even one postive change a day? Start tonight by going to bed early and getting a good nights sleep. Then tomorrow you could do something like eating a healthy breakfast, or going for a walk? Even though it is just very small changes then you will feel a little bit better each time you achieve one of them. Then when you get five of them or however many you want to set as a target, treat yourself (but choose it in advance so you have something to look forward to).

A nice bubble bath. A new cd. A new pair of trainers. Try not to choose something food related!!! Good luck with whatever you choose to do. :) x
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Hi and welcome. I know a VLCD can be hard but if you are determined and take it a day at a time I am sure you can do it.

Good luck
Irene xx


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Sorry to hear you've had a stressful time :hug99:

I believe i have reached rock bottom. Can cambridge help me again or will my metabolism from all this coming on and off it have really been messed up beyond return?

Yes, it will work again. When you do any diet your metabolism will slow down a bit..and a little bit more when doing a VLCD such as Cambridge, but it's only temporary. Once you start eating more, your metabolism pings back again.


Hi guys!

Thank you so much for your motivational comments. Have woken up thinking this is the first day and am so positive.... So what if my uniform doesnt fit, I will ask for bigger ones and have fun in getting to know the tailor as they take it in for me!

I plan to be careful the next 2 days and start cambridge on 1st Jan 2010... what a better day - first day of a new year and a new decade!

Can anyone tell me, is there a dedicated Cambridge Diet or Sole Source thread on here??

Vic xx


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