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help needed, i'm slipping!


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arrrrrgh! i'm only on day 5 but having major problems alreay :( i'm finding myself getting really hungry between foodpacks and i've been having to have a protien based salad at 9pm cos i've been feeling funny. i've done LL before and managed no probs sticking to plan but you get 4 foodpacks per day. i really want to do this but last night i'd convinced myself after eating a whole protein and veg low carb meal that i'd be far better saving my money and doing atkins... then i drank near enough a bottle of red wine, ARGH! i'm not even sure what i want advice on :sigh:
i think i remember day 4 being tricky on low carb diets before. pah, i've probably undone the last 4 days work... back on plan today though. i'd already lost 4lb and my tummy was feeling nice and flat from losing the glycogen. dont want to let this beat me!

thanks for listening xx
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i'm only 5'2, would the carbs in 4 packs not knock me out of ketosis and leave me even more hungry for food? i see there's 24g of carbs in the orange bar, wowser!
I have 4 packs of cd + milk because I am 5ft9,but until cd I had never been given an increased allowance on any other diet.I was aware teenagers,pregnant women and men always allowed more so I was very sceptical about what 4 packs would do to my loses. 10 weeks on I realise regardless of my height that 4th pack has helped keep me on straight and narrow......still not sure that being 5ft9 means I require more food, but anyway its working. Good luck and without meaning to sound patronising please don't give up , this diet is fab x
Hello minx

I am 5ft 2 inches, I am probably 5, 2 and a half now that my posture is better due to weight loss, I am a small to medium frame - however, I am on 4 packs a day and could not do 3. Like you, I have previously done LL so I had a certain routine built up with 4 packs in a day. I get weighed this morning but have lost 39 pounds in 10 weeks and 5 days. It is possible that its a couple of pounds more than that, because I did not get properly weighed until day 6 (a friend that had finished her diet gave me her surplus packs until I had first appointment with CD counsellor).
I am really happy with that loss, particularly as I am early 40's and don't want future issues with skin because weight loss was too rapid.
However, I only have bars as an occasional treat - but this is because I try to eat more than one in a day - this was also a behavioral problem of mine on LL.
So, don't be hungry, have a chat with your counsellor as soon as possible - this won't commit you to having 4 packs a day but your counsellor can help you make an informed choice, best of luck x


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thanks for the good advice guys, i'll definitely try 4 packs a day this week. along with the actual hunger i think i've been hyjacking myself and rebelling cos like you say, i too had a LL 4 pack routine that meant after teatime soup, i can curl up infront of the soaps with a nice hot choc foodpack. i'm just about to make my first shake, put some makeup on and head into town with my family to eye up all the hot part dresses i'll be able to splurge on in 7 weeks.. gave myself a stern talking to and feel much more positive. its amazing where a bit of crooked thinking can lead you!

thanks again folks xx
Well, apart from the red wine... ;)

...it sounds like you're doing Sole Source Plus. The weight losses on it aren't so different to those you get on Sole Source - might make a difference of half a pound a week, something like that.

There are two forms of Sole Source Plus -
4 CD meals plus 200ml of skimmed milk (useful if you're missing cups of tea with milk!) or
3 CD meals plus a 200cal protein based meal.

The meals you can have are in the booklet that your CDC should've given to you - if you haven't got one - ask for one next time you go. :)
Incidentally, the carbs in the chocolate orange bars aren't all sugar carbs. In total, there are 9.3g sugar carbs in the bar. The remaining 13.7g 'carb' is more akin to fibre than carbohydrate - it's a substance called polyols which is a sugar alcohol. It's the same stuff that's found in diabetic chocolate.

Put another way, if you were counting carbs on Atkins, you'd only count 9.3g carb for the chocolate orange bar.

It's true that some people seem to be sensitive to polyols, that is, their bodies see them as carbs, but most people's bodies treat them as fibre - which is why bars can make you windy and/or can help with constipation problems. :)

Hope this helps.
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I wonder if thats why ive never had toilet troubles on CD? i eat a bar daily (1) but 'go' every day lol

Feel sorry for people that cant eat them i think they're quite nice the bars :)
The bars are just fab, I need a bar and coffee each week day morning to get me to function-apart from weigh day when I save my bar til my cdc gets into her car,then I rip open my supply box and have my weekly chocolate flavoured bar and huge mug of coffee.....she doesn't come til after 4,and I'm in cold turkey by then!
lol mrs taurus!
well, i just had my first weigh in and i've lost 6lbs, which i'm ecstatic about considering with my naughtiness i thought all i'd done last week was lose my glycogen then gain it back again..
i'm now armed with 4 packs a day and no bars cos i really dont like any of them. i've got no carb olives at the ready for any munchy moments which may grab me but on the whole i plan to be :angel:

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