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Help needed please.

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Husband and I and two friends are going on a cruise for 3 weeks to New York and Canada. While I am really looking forward to this I am worried how I will cope with all the food that is around 24/7. Has anyone on this site taken a long cruise and not put on loads of weight. What should I eat /avoid like the plague? Before SW I could put on 7lbs in a 2 weeks cruise quite easily. Don't expect to lose weight but would like to keep it reasonable and keep control as much as possible and get back to plan as soon as we return.
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it wont be easy but I told them I needed low fat food cos of my gallstones.They did offer me alternatives-salads etc so you could do something similar.It was hard not eating the desserts and having fruit but it helped keep some pounds off.I don't drink alcohol but if you do have shorts with low cal mixers and keep to water/diet drinks in the day.I kept sweeteners in my bag for coffees especially on trips off the ship.I did put weight on-its a cruise- but little things helped minimise it.
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On evening menu you could ask for grilled chicken/steak or Salmon instead. Once you've let them know they're very accommodating.at the buffet bar Fresh fruit was available for breakfast as well as yogurt. Also ham and rolls. Or in the dining room there's kippers or poached eggs etc We went P&O I don't know about other companies.
Sounds like a trip of a lifetime! I dont think you should spend the whole of your lovely holiday obsessing over food, just keep in mind lots of super free foods, places like cruises there is usually a lot of fresh fruit and veg - fill up with as much of this as you can! If you ask them to grill rather than fry i'm sure they can accomodate.
S: 13st0lb C: 11st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 26.5 Loss: 1st4lb(9.89%)
Thank you ladies for your advice. I suppose I know what I should do. Question is will I have the willpower to stick to all the good stuff and ignore the chocolate. I'm going to try not to use the lifts and walk up the stairs as we are on a low deck.Hopefully that will use up some calories.Not going to stress too much as I don't want to spoil the holiday. Just get back on plan when we get home.
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I think just making sensible choices when you can and if you feel like it enjoy the amazing food,

the thing about cruises is its about catering to your every whim, so if you want your veg with no oil or butter ask and it shall be given to you,

if its a US based ship which I assume it will be then they're used to catering to peoples 'diet foibles' I would call them

don't forget you can up your body magic, swim, gym classes, 'walk a mile' around the ship, some of these activities can even earn you prizes - wooooo! I hear you say, it might even be a chance to try some new activities that you wouldn't try at home...

enjoy yourself hun, you can always deal with the consequences when you get back xx
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Hi SuperGran

I was lucky enough to go on a 4 week cruise earlier in the year, so I know exactly how you are feeling, but I only put on 4lbs. Although it's really tempting having the lovely buffet food on tap all the time. I was good during the day and then we ate in the main restaurant every night and chose whatever I fancied. That way I didn't feel deprived and the portions were restricted, unlike the unlimited runs that you can have up to the buffet. Plate was piled high at breakfast and lunch with all the fruit and salad, knowing that in the evening I could have one of the lovely deserts. I also stayed active by walking around the deck 4-8 times after eating and occasionally going to the gym.

But mostly enjoy

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