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Help needed please!!

Foo Fan

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Hi All,

HELP!!!! L

I’ve been having a rough couple of day and felt hungry and in a bad mood… Was thinking of moving up to SS+ for a week (or ongoing).. I think even having a cup of tea with milk will sort me out so SS+ feels like the right option.

I’ve got 24lbs to lose and would like to lose as much as possible in 6 weeks..

Am I better off staying on SS?

Any thoughts would be appreciate!
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second time around
Hi im om ss and have semi milk in my coffee and it doesn't seem to of hurt my weight loss, why not try having the milk and see how you go.

Foo Fan

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Thanks Summer66 - can I just say well done on your weight loss!! I think I'm going to give SS+ a go for a week and see how I feel at the end of next week.

Anyone else who's on SS+ how do u get on? Are the losses the same? I only lost 2lbs lastweek and I was SS 100% :(


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Hi Foo Fan

I'm on 810 but my sister was doing SS and moved to SS+ and her losses actually increased as she kick started her metabolism, since doing SS+ she has decided to stick with it as it is much easier for her to follow and her weight losses seem better. Might be worth, as you suggest, giving it a trial run for a week and see how you go.

Hope that helps :) xxx


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I'm doing SS+ with food for this week as I am exhausted due to my new job contract and my CDC thought I would benefit from it.

Quorn, spinach and mushroom stir fry tonight....yummy :)
Be good to see how we both do after a week.

Annie x

Foo Fan

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Hi Guys thanks for your replies - I'm still not sure what to do.. My WI is tonight so If I move to SS+ it will be from tonight (I'll have the meal when I get home).. The though of having a chicken salad after working a 12 hour shift is heaven lol - HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I've had my SS+ meals in the evening for 2 days now and it has made a great difference. I feel much happier and depending on my loss this week I may decide to stay on this plan until goal :)

Hope the WI goes well tonight

Annie x

Foo Fan

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Thanks Annie - let me know how your 1st WI goes on SS+.. You've done wonderful so far!!!! Keep up the gr8 work x


Slimming down the aisle
If you feel like you want or need milk, what about trying it with a touch of the vanilla powder? Works for me!

Foo Fan

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I tried the Vanilla as "milk" but I didnt work for me... :(
I have a big splash of milk in my tea to cool it down - I have my tea like baby tea lol..
Think I'm going to give SS+ a go - already got my meal planned for 2night.. Some tuna and salad leaves :)


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Oh Foofan !!!! That was me yesterday !!!!
See my post !!

I`ve been on SS for over 10 weeks, and always have 2 cups of tea, with a small splash of skimmed milk, however yesterday, I felt rubbish for the first time.

I had small green salad and chicken, with a drop or two of Hellmans fat free vinagrette-was lovvvvvvelly !!!
Gonna have the same tonight as see what happens on weigh in on Sunday.

Maybe thats what you need, its gotta be worth a try and then see how weight loss pans out next week.

Foo Fan

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Hi Macy12 -
Just read ur post from yesterday - feel much better now about going on SS+ - its not as though I'm having a big bindge or anything but its funny how much we worry about eating after doing SS.
Going to see my CDC after work at 7ish - let u know how I get on xx


Wants to be slim!
I alternate between SS and SS+ (on a weekly basis) and some of my better losses have been on SS+. I also have milk in my tea all the time (although I only drink 2 or 3 cups a day.

Try it for a week and see how you go - you can always drop back to SS if you want to.

Foo Fan

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Thats fab - hope I get a loss like that this week!!!

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