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Help Needed Please


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Ok.. I bet you get this all the time...

But just joined WW after doing SW and coming to a standstill...

Doing it online.. but getting confused.. do I stick to points? How many can I have a week... I saw the post star put on how to work out the daily ones but when I put my recipes on they come up with a green triangle so they are free and how do I used them all up in a day... see am I confusing you yet cause I am writing this.

Simple basic terms please as I am really lost now... I mean I put in for a crumpet and that came up free! so what sit and eat crumpets all day lol...

Also what is the size of a medium portion.. any idea please...

Think might be finding this harder as I am used to SW ... thanks all!
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Hi Treats

When you say you are putting in a crumpet and it is coming up free ... where are you putting it? WW has two different ways of doing the diet, the Core Plan and the Points plan .... I don't really know much about the core plan, but a lot of people follow it so will be able to help with that.

The Points plan has points value for almost all foods, except healthy things like some vegetables ... Crumpets can range from 1 to about 3 points I think depending on make/size.

Do you go to a class?



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No I don't go to a class.. doing this at home.

This is why I am getting confused.. it is online.. I think it is the discover plan... when you go in it has a points tracker and opens the plan manager... so with this how do I know how many points I can have a week or a day?

Also on it has something about.. simply filling mode.. change.. but have no idea lol...

So far today I have had..

Grapes, shape yogurt, banana green triangle comes up for all.

I put my dinner in...
Mince pork
Frylight as making a dish with it all

and comes up free... so I am really lost to how the points work and how many I should have?
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I do WW online and on the points tracker it doesnt come up as free. If you are doing the discover points plan, the green triangle means they are good choices, but they are definitly not free.
A crumpet is 1 to 2 points depending on the brand.
It will say at the top of the points tracker how many points you have for the day.

Unless you are doing core? Which I dont know about.


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Just had a quick look at the sight and you seem to be following the Simply filling plan where you have 3 meals a day from healthy filling food, Points are not counted.

You may be better starting off with Points until you get a hang of the diet, but that's just my opinion :)



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Are the green triangles free on the core diet as I think that is what I am doing ..?

So what I think is....

Have three meals a day.. plan them well.. don't use the points but for goodies/snacks.. as when I put meals in the tracker it doesn't take any points if they are with a green triangle.

Then do my EA and get extra points for treats (prizes lol as what do points make lol)

Is that right for the core diet anyone?


Hiya Chucks!!
Then do my EA and get extra points for treats (prizes lol as what do points make lol)

Is that right for the core diet anyone?
Hiya what is EA??
I have tried core once and gave up after 2 days...but you seem to be doing it correctly from what i can see.

You have 3 meals a day from the core/simply filling food list and also get an extra 21 points to use on pointed foods NOT on the list.
For snaxs they recommend you have fruit.

Its more about portion control,cooking from scratch and eating till you are full!!thats why i wasnt very good on core (never seem to get full!!)LOL.
Good luck with it,my friend who i go to meeting with,loves core and hates points..
We are all different so i would try it and see how you go..x :)
P.S-There should be a list of core foods on the site,have a look and that will help too..
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could've gone horribly wrong if she had them every day-LOL
that was always my problem when i did the core


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Thanks for that Jane..:)
Thanks all... sorry EA is exercise activity.

Well I have just mowed the lawn and that has now got me and extra 9 points and I do it twice a week.. wow!!

Yes got the bit of only 21 points a week.. thank goodness I did or like you say... could have been putting on not taking off lol

thanks all


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Hiya again,can i ask how you get 9 points for cutting the grass?? :eek:
Well... my lawn is very big and it takes me just over 2 hours to do it.. well this time was 2hours 10 mins but I thought well i stopped for a drink of water and to go to the loo.. so ...

10 mins = 0.5 points
120 mins = 9 points

And this time of the year it has to be done twice a week!!

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