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HELP needed RE water


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If you try to make sure that you drink a 2 litre bottle of water daily as well as your other drinks then you should be OK....


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I find water very boring and spend all week drinking it mixed with Tescos own no added sugar squashes. Tastes much better, and I don't think it has hindered my weight loss at all


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I suppose the only down side might be the artificial flavourings and sweeteners you get from the juice that are not in water.


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Aww thats good then,, i was worried!! lol thanx guys
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I find that adding just a drop of lemon juice to water helps to make it less boring and I can drink it far easier.


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I too find drinking plain water very difficult and also add some NAS squash. Can't believe it will be that much different to drinking plain water and it is 100 times better than having fizzy drinks instead!!

I always have squash on my desk at work and try to drink as much as possible throughout the day!


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i drink soooo much, all of mine always has NAS diluting juice in it, i drink about 3 - 4 litres just at work, and have about 3 pints of it once i get home. xx


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There is no escaping the fact water is the best thing to drink just as there is nothing in it (apart from the flavoured ones).

Anything IN NAS jucies will be processed by the body, but they're free on SW (well, vimto is and that's all I drink lol) so don't worry.

Some people say anything with water in can be counted but personally I am not of that train of thought. I'd not count a cup of coffee towards my daily water intake for instance. Not saying it's wrong to - it's just not what I personally do. I drink 2 litres of plain water each day and things on top of that are a bonus. As a result I am peeing a lot lol!

So long as you're hydrated don't fret :) x

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