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Help needed with a slow cooker


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You can get some great slow cooker books on the high street. Alternatively just lob it all in and see how you go. We do casseroles, chilli and pot roasts mainly, but you can do puddings as well.


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Mine works overtime. But Ive only just done meat, stews and soups. I bought a slow cooker recipe book from WH Smiths last weekend and it has loads of pasta recipes as well. Never thought of doing that before.

Books called "Kitchen classics - Slow cookers" by Jane Price @ £12-99 but worth every penny. Loads of pictures and they all look yummy. Normal recipes nothing over the top.



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I have a wonderful book calledSlow Cooking curry and spice dishes by Carolyn Humphries. I did the pork vindaloo yesterday, just left the oil out of it and it was free. There's a whole series, , but some of the recipes are repeated in the other books. If you look on Amazon you'll be spoilt for choice
I alter the timings as my low setting seems to cook everything in a couple of hours. It's good for porridge an also rice pudding.
I love my slow cooker, for all the usual favourite stews and sauces, but my absolute favourite is roasting a chicken in it, I just put the whole chicken breasts down in the pot, put some lemon and garlic in (so no added fat), and after 8ish hours on low it's beautiful and tender, always turns out fab!


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I cook Spag Bol, soup, stews, Goulash (SW recipe) chicken and saus hotpot (SW recipe)...basically anything that says it needs to simmer for a hour or so can go in there.


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Judi, I would love your recipe for the vindaloo curry please...

I cook, chilli, soup, casseroles, bolognese sauce, curries etc in my slow cooker, I wouldn't want to be without it now.

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