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Help needed!!

Hi Everyone
This is my first time on minimins.
Have been doing Slimming World since 06.04.10 first week lost 1lb, second week 1lb (husband coming with me he lost 3lb first week and PUT ON 1.5lb second week) we have stuck to EE plan and are both so determined. Any ideas where we are going wrong??? Consultant have said drop off some syns but then contradicted this in class by saying have them!!
Please can anyone help. Thanks :(
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Hey hun, If your doing EE 100% right then you should not be gaining at all. sometimes certain plans dont work aswell for some than others.. e.g my best losses are EE, but someone else may find their losses much better on red. its all about what suits your body..

post up your food diary, and let us take a nosey. it could be somthing really silly that your missing..

my first couple of weeks i was eating mullerice's instead of mullerlights.. about 4 a day.. they'r about 12-14 syns each..!!

you should most deffinatly use your syns, however you might find certain things just dont agree with you.. for example i can eat a takeaway and still have a loss, but should i touch anything boozey, even just one drink can warrent a gain for me, even if iv worked my ass off the rest of the week...

like i said, post up your food diary.. writing absoloutly everything down is the only way to spot a mistake, and learn from what works well for you. xxx
Food Diary so far this week

wed 21.04.10 Extra Easy Day


Mullerlight yogurt then took Hifi (HB) and & banana to work


Egg and Ham Salad with new pots and coleslaw made with l/f mayo and no fat from frais 2.5syns
Raspberries, Apple and Pear -picked at during afternoon


Pasta and Bolgnese bake with cheese and cornflake topping (HA) and 1 syn for cornflakes

S/F Jelly with raspberries & 2 tbsp Evap Milk on top 2.5 syns

Hilights choccie before bed 2 syns

Total 8 syns

Thur 22.04.2010 Extra Easy


Same as above


Tuna salad and low cal mayo 2.5 syns
Mullerlight yogurt apple and pear nibbled over the afternoon


Leek and bacon risotto with stirfryed savoy cabbage on top (YUM)

S/F Jelly and raspberries with 1/2 mullerlight on top 0.5 syns

Hot choccie and snack a jack 4.5 syns

Total 7.5 syns

Fri 23.04.2010


Same as above plus red grapefruit


Greek salad with feta (HA) kalamata olives 1 syn
Sliced ham
Mini Pitta bread 3.5 syns
Orange, Apple Mullerlight during afternoon


Jacket Potato, chicken shish kebab, salad and mint yogurt sauce 4 syns

Hot choccie 2 syns

Total 10.5 syns

Sat 24.04.10


Porridge (HB) milk (HA) (half allowance left)
with microwaved chopped apple and cinnamon & sweetner



Home made spicy butternut squash soup
Cubed gammon
Low fat creme fraiche 1.5

Fridge raiders 2 syns


Rump Steak, Mashed Potato tesco h/e 3syns, Peas and sweetcorn
Tesco h/e cauli cheese 2.5 syns

Melon and raspberries

Hot choccie 2 syns

Total 11 syns

Hopefully doing it right any advice gratefully appreciated.

Thanks xx
Thanks allie

I only heat the chopped apple for 1 min (as it comes from the fridge)so it is not stewed its just warm - if I put it in room temperature is that OK?

just a query - does each plate of food have to be 1/3 superfree as our consultant said if you have bacon egg beans etc the supefree can come from fruit which would be melon and raspberries- now I am confused!
I use measures too.

Thanks for you comments perhaps i should read the books again.



loves to chat & post
hi missy

are you measuring your milk think i have gone wrong as that dash in your t/coffee etc is syns if you go over also dont think i was having enogh superfree stuff, i made big superfree soup and have started having it as a starter so it fills you up and your getting your 1/3rd of plate type of thing.

Thanks Allie

Have just sat and worked out a menu for the week so hopefully this will make things easier. I get what you say about the after meal stuff perhaps having sugar free jelly would be better and have more superfree on the plate. Will let you know how weigh in has gone after Tuesday.

Thanks for the support xxx
Hi Carly
Thanks for replying I do measure milk as I drink coffee black and only have tea very occasionaly where I would count the splash.
Soup is a good idea - I think I will have a go at that.

Thanks for support hun xxx


Nojo on the YoYo
I wouldn't syn a bit of chopped apple in porridge. I don't get the whole 'cooking fruit' thing if it's just gently heated or if it's not a massive amount of fruit. EG I would have to syn a smoothie, because I wouldn't eat a whole punnet of strawberries, two bananas and an apple, but I could drink them. But I wouldn't syn my seville chicken casserole because all I do is chop up one lousy orange and add it to the casserole and share it between two of us.

All that guff about releasing extra magic sugars that aren't there in raw fruit, I think that's a fallacy.

Your EE menu looks fine to me. If you're sure you're not cheating and have had no takeaways, meals out or sneaky chocolate or bits and bobs then I don't really know where you're going wrong.

The only thing I can suggest is maybe throw a couple of red days in the mix to get your body used to having something different each day?


Slowly Getting There ....
I don't think cooking it is about 'magic sugars' it's more about your body's digestion... if you eat a raw apple your body uses up a lot of calories digesting it.. but stewed apple not really at all.. I think they cover themselves saying 'no cooking' as there has to be a line somewhere I guess hehe..

I could well be very wrong as I'm completely new to this this week so feel free to tell me otherwise lol

Mmm your food diary is making me hungry.. good job it's nearly dinner time :)

Are you drinking lots of water?

Otherwise I think Vixxster is spot on.. try throwing different days into the mix and see what your body makes of it... you never know, eating exactly the same this week you may lose 3 pounds as your body was getting used to the plan?

I'm doing SW with my hubby too.. I bet he's going to lose sooo much more than me, even though he's close to my goal weight now! hehe

Good luck!


Thanks Vixxster and Bashful
I noticed on the slimming world EE weekly menu I downloaded you could gave grated apple free, with cottage cheese and prawns (not sure that would tast like!!:eek:)) so I am going to go grated so the porridge heats it up. Weighing in tomorrow so will come back and let you know - fingers crossed. xxx


Slowly Getting There ....
Grated apple stirred in sounds great! xxx

Hope you get good news today... I managed to lose first week.. weighed myself this morning

YEAY! lol

I really didn't think I'd have lost any as I'm never really hungry

...and when I am there are plenty of things I'm allowed to stuff

I can't see much wrong with your diaries, if anything at all. They look like good and varied meals plans.

I'm with Vixxster on the fruit - a bit of apple cooked for a minute I wouldn't bother synning (It's not even a couple of syns anyway!) but a smoothie I would. Anyway, that aside I don't see anything wrong other than no superfree with your steak and mash.

Have you handed your food diaries to your consultant? You should hand them in for the first 4 weeks so she can check all is well.

Stick with it, I do hope it works for you.
Yippeeeeeee! I lost 3.5lb and hubbs lost 3lb so we are both chuffed!!!
Grated apple was not nice (hubbs said it was like eating sweet coleslaw!!!lol) so i will go back to chopped.

Heres to another week and thank you for all your support - hope you all have a good week.

xxxxx :eek:)

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