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Help needed

only just seen this. im sorry your ill, the only advice is to keep drinking plenty fluids till your tummy settles dont eat anything carby as your tummy will be sensitive anyway. maybe the soup really watery? if you do need to eat maybe some protiens? i think if you can stomach a very watery shake and think of it as medicine that might help. you still need your vits and nutrients. one pack at the moment is better than none. i know how it feels to feel rancid and not be a able to stomach anything but even if you split your shakes so theyre weaker? i dunno if thatll help at all but i didnt want to read and run. hope you feel better soon. xx
Try to keep your fluids up sip water during the day
Bless you for replying thank you. I've had a tiny bit of the strawberry shake very watered down. Not gone down to well. I'll just see how it goes. Thanks again for replying. Still wondering about the rehydration sachets? Do you think they will be ok to have?
Thanks x
The thing with those is they are to replace your lost salts, sugars etc. I duuno if they'd have too much sugar in them. If you can't stomach a soup or shake then a rehydration sachets is better than not giving your body anything. Xx
I think if you're that ill then you should forget the diet for a few days and just try and get better, or you're just going to make yourself more ill. If you've got sickness and diarrhoea you should forget food and just concentrate on getting fluids down, once they are staying down then add in some bland food, just very small amounts. Once they are staying down then you might be able to manage a soup/shake and get back on track x
Thetrigos said:
Just re-read that and it sounds like i'm having a right go, i'm not lol! It's just what i would do :) x
No it doesn't. I know I agree... I think it's just frustrating when I've been 100%. I was considering low carbs but I'll see what I'm like then! The watery bit of shake I had went through me sorry tmi!
I think I have become obsessed with Exante that I'm even considering how to stay on track even though it's probably not the best for my health!
Thanks x

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