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Help needed!!


Want to be a yummy mummy!

It will NOT TASTE as good as you thought.

Dont do it!!!!!!!!!! I've been craving this too. I suggest you get out of the room where he'll be eating it and ask him to discard of any signs of this greasy delight - you will feel so proud of yourself for resisting!


need to be old goofy me

Don't cave! Think bad thoughts about the pizza to put you off it ~ like one of the workers in the pizza place spitting in it! You're doing so well... if you eat it, you'll knock yourself out of ketosis... then you'll feel crap tomorrow. Is it worth it...?!
No no, remember why you started doing this in the first place what where your goals, dont give in to pizza, its not worth it :)

Definitely get out of the room, have a bath or some other pampering thing that you enjoy and tell him if he doesnt finish it all to put it outside in the bin


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penny you know you can resist, you're stronger than this...

just imagine how rubbish you would feel if cave in...

and just imagine how proud of yourself you would be if you resist... :eek:
i crave pizza too. have u seen the new 1 that pizza hut hav brought out? it is stuffed crust with cheese AND pepperoni in crust!!!!!!!!!!!!!
god sends these things to try us.. u'l feel so much better for not eating it honey, just keep ur mind on ur goal and dont give in!!


need to be old goofy me
I shouldn't keep opening this thread to see new posts... i'll be craving pizza before the nights out! :drool::drool::drool:

Note to self: do not read this thread again!


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You can have pizza, just not now. Don't give in to the temptation, it'll make your weight loss journey even longer. And besides, that pizza will be covered in maggots, you just won't be able to see them, lol.

i just thought i'd let u all kno!
it looks amazing!
Ruth is right. We can have pizza....just not today!
i actually thought the detail could've been missed out but know u all secretly wanted to hear it!

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