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Help Needed


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Hi guys.
i need some advice from anyone who knows how to cope with viral gastro -enteritis and abstinence.

I have been poorly since sunday and went to the doctor yesterday .She wasn't much help apart from telling me to be careful because vlcd can be dangerous when you are not well!!!

I have had severe runs for four days now and agonising cramps.i thought i might feel better if i ate something but actually felt ten times worse.My counsellor is on holiday so i can't speak to her.

anyone got any advice?

love liz
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During gastroenteritis you need to replace your fluids. You're probably better off sticking to your packs because although you need your strength i'd be suprised if you could manage to eat with the virus.

I would up your water intake though.
Hope you feel better soon xxx


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Thanks for that ,i will try a pack this morning.i usually drink sparkling water so i guess i would be better off with still,and yes i cant face food at all .
Maybe you should split your packs in half to have a few little meals during the day, and perhaps it will boost your energy levels a little?

I also recommend drinking warm water when you have a dodgy tum, your body will conserve energy by not needing to dispel energy watming the water up to body temp.


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