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Good Evening,
This is the first time I have ever joined a slimming forum, and I am certainly going to need help!!!
I am seriously overweight (nearly 19st):cry:Im getting pains in my back, out of breath and generally no energy what so ever.
So where do I start!! I have decided to give slimfast a go as from monday, as that is the easiest thing for me to start. I work fulltime so can manage that at work. Will than have 600 cal meal for tea.
So how do you suggest I start to exercise, as i get so out of breath!
Gave up smoking 3 years ago so that is what has caused the weight, but now I have quit im determined to get rid of this weight!
So any tips etc will be greatfully received.


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Buy a fitness DVD! I got rosemary conleys Gi jeans diet one and do it as often as I can, it is good because you can do as little as 20 mins or as much as 1hr 10mins. You can just start walking through the steps then build up, the salsasize bit is good the time just flys by.
Cek xx
hiya. keep going the diet works, i too gave up smoking on the 26th of june this year, so i know where you are coming from!! my advice to you is to concentrate on getting your diet right, get to grips with the slimfast plan and then start off slowly, walk during your lunch break, use the stairs more, get off the bus earlier, invest in a pedometer, then start looking on amazon for exercise dvd's. i'm using the weight watchers move more dvd, i try and do atleast 20 mins of exercise per day, you could also try leslie sansones walk away the pounds- two mile walk, great for beginners.

just take things one day at a time, thats all i'm doing. keep posting on here and reading what others are doing, it can be a bit slow sometimes but i'm sure someone will respond to any questions that you may have. write down everything that you are eating and just try and make wise choices. lastly drink loads of water 2-4 litres. it really does help keep you full and you wee out all the fat!!

you can do it hun.x
Well I survived my first day on slimfast!! Had a smoothie for breakfast, museli bar for lunch, and a cooked meal tonight which was just over 550 calories. Had an alpen light bar mid morning when the girls get the biscuits out at coffee break!!

So feel quite proud of myself, but know i have an awful long way to go, but staying positive.
Hi Jaks

Congratulations on actually making a start - when you've got a lot to lose getting started can be the biggest obstacle!

Like Fatty McBig Bum says, walking is a great start. I read somewhere that alternating fast, medium and slower walking is good for burning calories. I also love pilates. It won't get your heart rate going the same as walking but it will help tone you up when you start losing all that weight!

Good luck!


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I love walking too. I go for a walk with my friend and her dog two nights a week. I also walk just over a mile on two mornings a week to work.

You seem like you are at the right mind frame to lose weigh. Good luck.

day 2, had a shake for breakfast, meal bar for lunch, apple mid afternoon, a bowl of homemade vegatable soup, and a jacket potato for tea. Iwould be lying if i said i was not hungry, usually late afternoon, but keep busy and it passes.
Thanks for all help and advice.
Will keep you posted how I get on!!

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my hunger usually comes in the evening, today I told myself everytime I go to the cupboards or fridge looking for something to nibble on I would have a glass of water instead it's worked well so far but I am so sick of being desperate for the loo! shows how much I go in search of nibbles lol

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