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Help neeeded now!!!!! :-)


Loves Minimins long time
Ha, I watched 7 episodes last night!! x


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hey skinny!

Hope you are feeling better this morning. I, too, watched embarrassing fat bodies and it's given me increased motivation to stick to it this time!

Have you managed to do D1 of Shred??



Working on it
paulaanne said:
should of watched embarassing bodies that was enough to put me off eatting:eek:
I was tempted to have a snack last night and then sat down with a cuppa and watches embarrassing fat bodies.... I just stuck with my cuppa! X
I've watched so many Embarassing Bodies now, I can't believe how bad some people can let their weight get. Ultimately though, the advice they get is always the same.

'Do you eat too much?'
'Well, yes'
'Then don't. Do you do any exercise?'
'Erm, no'
'Then do some. Next please!'

If they're lucky, they can get an operation so that a surgeon can remove what looks like a long, blood-filled sock from a hole in their belly. I may never eat sausages again...
Was doing great bur didn't get my lunch pack so v hungry now so gonna have pack and bar while hubby has his tea then bath with daughter pop her to bed and take my marking and reports ip to bed with can of coke zero and get those jobs done and watch holby. Hows everyone else xxx


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hi skinny!

The trick to VLCD is to try and think ahead - I always carry a bar with me so I don't get caught out. One of the girls I did LL with, bought one of those little tupperware beaker things with a screw top lid, and was able to mix up her shakes in that - she just had to buy a bottle of ice cold water.

I'm having a great day - spring cleaning :eek: and it actually feels really good :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

Managed to resist eating anything with my coffee today in town, so I reckon that's a RESULT :D

Onwards and downwards


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