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help newbie to slimming world

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by nettleboo, 8 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. nettleboo

    nettleboo Full Member

    hi ive been doing this since monday so really new and im so confused about whether im syning things right cant get my head around everything im really heavy and have lots too lose i really want this too work for me but i cant stop thinking about food. im a crisp and chocolate/ cake person and i know i can use syns for this but im scared if i open that flood gate ill go crazy and bust any good work ive achieved this week so im not having them. plus i dont understand how this really works plus im sick of salad already lol and gone a bit crazy for eggs. and as its the weekend im really finding it tough as this is when i would binge eat junk. help advice welcome for information im a vegetarian who doesnt eat fish
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  3. Patchworkanna

    Patchworkanna New Member

    Hi Nettleboo, I'm a newbie too. Started last Wednesday with my first class but still not sure what I'm doing. Made a big pot of veggie soup today and had beans on toast for my tea but think I may have got a bit carried away on the snacking, it's a weekend thing! I can't give you any advice cos I'm too new to have any lol. I'm sure we'll both settle into it sooner or later. Good luck x
  4. Sarahslimming

    Sarahslimming Silver Member

    If anything I would advise you to use those syns in your first weeks. Although you may not want to use them I found that as I started eating one or two syns that now when I have fifteen syns I am fearful of putting on weight and I'd wished I'd have started eating fifteen and then lowered them the closer I got to target. If you make sure you know your syn values you can eat choc and crisps for example a ripple is 8.5 and a small bag of quavers is 4.5 so you can fit both into your day! As for being a veggie I'd suggest jacket potatoes, omelettes and quorn maybe? Good luck on your journey!
  5. Bunnylush

    Bunnylush Gold Member

    Welcome. I can only give my advice on what's worked for me losing 6 stone in 14 SW. But I did do it in 1994 so know it inside out. These are my tips to stick to for life not just until its all gone ;)

    Stick to plan.
    Stay to every class good and bad weeks, make yourself a member of the welcome team. No excuses then.
    Eat all of your syns per day not saved up for weekends.
    Alcohol leads to eating so I avoided it.
    Cook yourself thin works! Home made food all the way.
    My downfall was savoury mash with butter, toast, sandwiches. I cut them all out. I keep a small wholemeal loaf in the freezer and rarely have a bacon sandwich. Treat.
    I am not a big eater in the day and insomniac at night so this is how I roll with SW.
    Muller plus fruit breakfast.
    Make a big tub of soup per week for my lunch just microwave a cup.
    I have a big free tea at 7 pm. Rarely use syns on food.
    Snacks in day are only apples or fruit nit more than one banana a day.
    Then I save my healthy extras for a late supper and my syns. Usually a packet of fruit pastilles 9 syns and French fries 4.
    Make jelly and muller puddings to fill up on.
    I did 30 mins wii fit per day with really bad legs knees health.
    If you feel weak you're only kidding yourself if you eat what you shouldn't. To be in control is empowering, learn to love it!
    I say " I don't eat that " instead of " I can't eat that" psychological makes you feel better than thinking you're deprived.
    I. Have reversed my type 2 diabetis, reduced my cholesterol and blood pressure and saved my own life, I hope!!! No one else could do it for me. It's been wonderful not hell. I love SW. I spent a lot of time googling recipes instead of eating! I make wonderful food instead of getting bored.
    I'm sure I've missed something. At target I was my mums matron of honour at her wedding and I've still gone to class for another year as a target member with my diamond badge now :)
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  6. Jeanne Von Buttonpopper

    Jeanne Von Buttonpopper Silver Member

    Plan, plan, plan....

    It is confusing as hell to begin with but trust me it does all fall into place. Keep writing down your food diary, keep reading, keep planning and before you know it, it suddenly makes sense. The one thing I found hard was the variety at first, and tended to eat the same things, but this leads to boredom and temptation. I have saved all the recipes I thought sounded good out of my old SW magazines and put them in a folder. In addition, if you look at the recipe threads on here or look at what's for lunch etc. and see what everyone else is having, it's a good way to expand on your own personal menus for variety. This way I found Mushy Pea Curry (Sounds vile - tastes great) and SW quiche made with quark, and now it's a firm favourite for lunch. Good luck with everything. :)
  7. Jools

    Jools Gold Member

    Wow bunnylush I have just read your tips. You have achieved an amazing weight loss WELL DONE. I shall read and reread this tips every day.
    ive only been doing slimming world since Tuesday but so far so good (I hope)
  8. "I'm a crisp and chocolate cake person" - well, so are most of us. And maybe we always will be, but the idea here (and yes, I know it is easier said than done!!) is to change, and to learn how to control. The problem with saying "I'm a xxxxx person" is that we are in danger of meaning "I'm that kind of person and can't do anything about it".

    "I'm sick of salad already" - well, it's not compulsory. Personally I can't imagine being sick of salad as there are dozens and dozens of different kinds, but if you don't want to eat salad, then don't.

    "I don't understand how this really works" - it works, don't try to understand how. Just do it!!

    Try not to be too hard on yourself - you have just got started and it will take a while to get used to. Good luck!
  9. Bunnylush

    Bunnylush Gold Member

    Thank You x A little inspiration, here's me on Mums wedding day. I didn't have many pics on my own, goodness knows what I was doing or thinking lol. It really does work, you just have to do your side of the hard work for yourself because we're all worth it x

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  10. franella.cath

    franella.cath Member

    I remember it taking me a while to really get my head around the plan when I first started. Keep the books with you, read the magazine for ideas. For the first couple of weeks I would eat the same healthy extras, syns, same meals and as I grew more confident and familiar with the plan it all fell into place and I was able to start adding more variety and getting more adventurous.

    Chocolate is my weakness! I have something chocolatey every day. If I don't then it will leave me craving it and put me in danger of going on a massive binge! 2 finger kit Kat's are a low syn treat, as is Options hot choc, I really find that I enjoy my chocolate a lot more now because I really appreciate it and savour every mouthful :)

    Good luck!
  11. franella.cath

    franella.cath Member

    Also, thank you for the inspiration Bunnylush... And you are right, we are all worth it!!
  12. Wegle

    Wegle Full Member

    All your tips are brilliant but I really wanted to highlight this one as my favourite. It automatically switches something from being a perceived negative into a perceived positive. I undertake cognitive behaviour therapy for my depression and anxiety and this tip fits in with that therapy perfectly. I'd never really thought about applying CBT to my food choices but you've made me think about how I can apply what I learn there to all aspects of my life.

    So true! I've just looked over my diary for the last 5 weeks and I have had salad once!

    Keep with it nettleboo. Trust the plan, it does work. Have a look through some people's food diarys on here for inspiration. You'll soon be trying new meals and loving them, all whilst losing weight!!
  13. Bunnylush

    Bunnylush Gold Member

    Thank You, I suffer a lot with stress, anxiety etc. I've just started counselling or CBT whichever they stick me in lol. My being thin head is the only one that's ok ;) well I heard so many people at class moaning I can't have this that other. I adapted the mind thought of I don't have that, seemed easier ;) in my head there's a whole world of ingredients we can eat and those we can't. So that's how I see it, make the very best of the ingredients we can have and realise the other list is VERY bad for our health. I also live with my two grown boys and hubby and I've never stopped buying cheese, bread biscuits crisps etc. I have to make packed lunches for them every day. But all their stuff is stuff that's been bad for me, so I've learnt to not be tempted, instead of banning foods, it's not helping your will power to grow if its banned from the house. Good luck everyone :)
  14. annanrob

    annanrob New Member


    Bit of a long shot but just wondered if anyone has or know to a link to get a list of syns? i had it once that was a pdf, never printed it and now cant seem to locate it anywhere!

    I have the "starter" books but i am trying to simplyfy everything for my mother (make her a folder of evrything that she can understand )- dont fancy typing every syn onto A4 paper just wondered if anyone knew of any pre done list:) thanks in advance!

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