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DONOT eat those bikkies, thats a good start
questions have you joined a group, made a menu for the week, have you the "right" foods in and is your heart in it?? :)


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I'm probably a bit of a saddo, but I was so excited to start the first day :D I couldn't wait and my head is totally in the zone now even after 6 weeks.

So I had the same question as cambscrafter, is your heart in it and are you in the right frame of mind?

You can still have biscuits as part of your syn allowance, they are not forbidden you really have to look at yourself and ask yourself what do you want to change.

Once you are over that hurdle, the rest should come pretty easy, so step away from the biscuits :D


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ditch the bics and go make a big portion of sw chips mmm thats whats cookin for me right now :)


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I also wonder if if your heart is really into it. You REALLY need to want to do it and not go in half heartedly.
On your first day you should be so inspired that you would be buzzing and not tempted by biscuits.
SW is fantastic, that you can have those biscuits but not the whole lot and syn them!
You really need to decide if you want to do it or not.
Just imagine how good you will feel when you lose weight. I promise you that being slim beats the taste of any biscuit or chocolate!
Good luck!!