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Help - not enjoying foodpacks!

I am currently on day 2 of the programme and my motivation is really high, but I'm REALLY struggling to find a foodpack I like! Has anyone else found this a problem, or is it just a case of perseverance? The smell of some of them just sends me queasy and I can't imagine how I'm going to get through the next weeks.
Has anyone any advice or reassurance that the taste does get better?
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...we're sinking deeper.
Your taste will change and will get used to them. :) At first I remember I did find them all quite revolting! But soon enough I found a few flavours I liked, by the end I pretty much lived on chocolate shakes and cranberry bars!
Keep going, it will get better. ^_^

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
Positive reinforcement goes a long way. If you start telling yourself they are not so bad, they become not so bad. On the other hadn, if you tell yourself they taste badm they will taste bad. ;)

Personally, knowing what the end result was going to be I did not care what they tasted like. They are not meant to be FOOD if you know what I mean. They are a temporary measure - medication is how I looked at it - to solve a very important problem.

I actually liked them all - didn;t LOVE them, but didn;t expect to, and I just did not give myslef the option to not like them.

Steely determination always wins. :)
Good luck,



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have you tried having them crushed with ice. i stick 4 cubes in and whizz them with a stick blender, they taste sooooooo much better like this.

or some people love them hot ( i don't)

i also add coffee to the vanilla and to the chocolate ones as i can't stand them on their own but love them with coffee and ice.

the soft biscuits i cut into 8 and zap in the microwave for approx 50 seconds/1 min then they are like little chewy/crunchy biscuits

daisy x


Is back in the saddle!
And you must must MUST use a blender!!!!

They are really not great without one. My first ever a couple of years ago was in the shaker, chicken I think, and it was revolting. Nearly put me off there and then.

They really are not doing themselves any favours by not insisting theye are zuzzed with a blender. Blenders are cheap enough to buy in Tesco or Asda £3-5 I think and worth it though you may want to upgrade to a more substantial one at some stage.

Stick with it, they are fine when done properly and you can add tabasco and pepper to the savories and try coffee in with some of the sweets like Daisy does.


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Chicken and mushroom mixed, mmmmm yummy. or maybe I am just weird. The only one that was disgusting was the caramel or toffee something like that, eeew!!!! Think it has been discontinued.

Like BL I liked them all and always had a variety of them.
My tastes changed from when I started. I initially lived on raspberry shakes, lemon bars and chicken soups. Now can't bear raspberry.

Try making mousses instead of shakes, just put 75ml of water with a vanilla pack and blend, that is my firm favourite - heaven.

You must get the 4 down you every day, if all else fails pretend it is medicine and hold your nose :)
Your tastes will change over the first few weeks, if you stick to it 100% you will soon find that the foodpacks become "normal" to you!

Still, find what works for you; I live off of 3x choc shakes and 1x cranberry bar every day. Yes it's boring, but it's making me slimmer so I'll accept that boredom, after all it is only temporary! :)


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I live on chocolate, banana and strawberry shakes, along with all of the bars other than peanut.
I don't mind the odd veg soup or chicken and mushroom mixed together but I don't like the others.
I also don't like any of the shakes hot at all.

Stick with it hun, you'll find some you like but as it's been mentioned you'll get used to them anyway. I just drink mine straight down, no point messing and trying to make them last or seem like a meal in my eyes. They're not. They're a necessity to keeping us healthy whilst making us thin.

You'll find a couple you like i'm sure hun.
Good Luck

AAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!! i am the exact same way! im on my 3rd week and have been literally gagging down shakes for the past 3days!!! im so frustrated! the only one i get through is chocolate! i want this so bad!!! i want to finish i want to lose weight i dont want 2 quit, i have major heartburn and i just dont know if i can continue!! is this a mind thing? or is my body just done already??? Anybody have any advice how they got through it?
Hi, everyone's tastes are different, so what works for one might not work for you. I absolutely hate milkshakes of any kind and only managed to get through LL 13 weeks of abstinence (twice ;)) living off the chocolate foodpacks made into a sort of paste ...tastes a bit like raw cake mix -lol.
The results are so worth it........ as long as you don't make the same mistake as me and pile it all back on :sigh:

Back on track now with W8 - packs cheaper, but chocolate not as nice :D

Hope you find a way to get through it
Hi - thanks for all the advice - the blender does make a difference and I've been tonight to swap the packs I really can't deal with! I think that I may be living off veg soup for some weeks to come as I can just about cope with this one. Bars next week should help!
Will definitely stick at it somehow - my counseller weighed me at the pop in and I've lost 9lb so at least the effort is paying off.
Well done - 9lbs is fab !:happy096:

Peanut bars are yummy

AAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!! ! i want this so bad!!! i want to finish i want to lose weight i dont want 2 quit, i have major heartburn and i just dont know if i can continue!! is this a mind thing? or is my body just done already??? Anybody have any advice how they got through it?
It is a mind thing, look at your weight loss. Over a stone in 2weeks. Could you do that any other way?
Don't think of the packs as food to taste good - they are not - just a vehicle to give you the nutrients. A high percentage of taste comes from the sense of smell.
If really find the taste so repulsive try holding your nose when you drink them .Or just have bars.
Ooh, I love hot vanilla and the cranberry bars are to die for - am I just weird?? Probably, but I miss having my vanilla shake before bed and just in the morning now! I was the same and some I liked at the beginning were vile to me later on in LL, while some I couldn't bear became my favourites. I had all my shakes hot, as I don't like cold milkshake. Try the peanut bar grilled with some salt sprinkled on top, until it goes slightly softer and it tastes like peanut butter to me!

Good luck, keep going - you'll not find a more effective weight loss programme anywhere!


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I hate milkshakes and i'm very fussy with flavours But i've been blending them and then using a straw to drink them as fast as i can without gagging I just see it as it has to be done so just drink as fast as you can and get them down you.Keep going the results will be worth it in the end x
I'm with Popysparkle I was addicted to Vanilla, have to confess I still pop in and buy Vanilla packs and Cranberry bars. 'Cos I like 'em.

Didn't at first though
Think of it this way - one of the big reasons to cut out all f**d on LL is to break the cycle of eating making us feel good; if you are not enjoying the packs, you arn't enjoying that you are eating, and so it will help you break the bad habit! :D

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