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help not feeling hungry!

I was like that last week. Felt like I had to force myself to eat my meals, because I just didn't want anything. Funny though, since starting 'fish week', I've not had that problem. Seems I don't feel as bloated so when it comes to dinner time/tea time, I'm actually hungry again.
Try and eat small 'snack size' meals rather than think you have to have a big lunch and a big dinner.

You might find that once you start eating it kicks off the hunger. Try a small salad or even just a piece of fruit or yogurt.


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This morning i've officially eaten..........some carrot sticks - thats it!
I have days where i'm ravenous and fill up on free foods left right and centre and i have others, like today, where i'm not really hungry.....I'll have some lunch and dinner but i won't force myself to eat if i really don't want it. I find it tends to even itself out over the week. If you find you're hardly eating day after day though, then it will probably effect your loss because your metabolism will slow down and will hold onto what you do eat.
Don't beat yourself up about it though. I'm sure your appetite will come back. xx
My daughter is very like that , she has days were she will eat me out of house and home and other days im pulling my hair out to get her to eat some food, i asked my doctor about it, i was getting worried and he said, my daughter is the one who has it right, she is listening to what her body is telling her, hence why she is so super skinny. When her body says i want food she eats, when her body says no food she doesnt.
Its really quite depressing since my body never says no :) Hmmm what does that say about me lol.

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Right, if you are not hungry, do not force yourself to eat!

I have a gastric band, there are times when (like today) I throw up things that I have eaten as Im already full from a previous meal. It is NOT jeopardising my weight loss, I am not starving myself and I physically cannot force food in.
This should apply to you and this is where so many people end up over eating (I did this when doing SW the first time around), if you cant eat a meal, dont, simple as...eat when you are hungry, not just because it is lunch time etc.
If you feel hungry later, then have something that is on plan...you do not have to gorge!



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Its really quite depressing since my body never says no :) Hmmm what does that say about me lol.
As my ole mate Paul McKenna would say 'its not that you're always full but that you've forgotten how to listen to the right messages, because you've been listening to the wrong ones for so long.' Psychologically i can crave food all day but i'm not necessarily hungry.
And my eight year old is like that. Some days she wants nothing but junk and eats everything - others i struggle to get her to have anything at all. I figure she knows when she's hungry better than i do - i do still worry though.


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Some days i'm really hungry, i could eat everything and other days i'm not really hungry at all.
I'm not hungry really today but i get weighed in a few hours, so i think that's psychologically putting me off eating lol! :)
I just eat fruit and yougurts when i don't feel that hungry, it's just better than having nothing at the end of the day. xx

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