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Help..nothing happening

Has anyone ever NOT lost much weight on lipotrim? I started 9 days ago, got weighed after 4 days, down 5 lbs, but since then ( and yes I know I shouldn't weigh myself) absolutely nothing happening. Completely totally 100% on the programme, water and all. Feeling really demoralised and disheartened, you are all shedding weight like mad... I don't have my first shake till lunchtime, next at 6pm and last one at about 9pm..could that b the problem?
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hey! I didnt lose that quickly, certainly not as quickly as most, have lost a steady 2 - 4 lbs a week. Theres nothing wrong with that, as everyone is different. Try and avoid weighing at home, stick to the pharmacy scales, as all scales are different. U may have ur weigh in and be pleasantly surprised!

Good luck x

Dahlia Rose

Silver Member
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love, when i got on my scales last night it said i'd lost nothing but when i went to my weigh in i was 6 lbs down! GET RID OF THE SCALES!!!

Jessie 888

one life only
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Hi Eileen! I can understand you feeling demoralised but V is right, ditch the scales - they're a huge problem for you at the moment and you don't need them. I shouldn't think that the times you take your shakes are a problem but you really need a regular weekly weigh-in, babe. I'm sure there was a good reason for weighing in after 4 days but you missed out on that glorious first big loss cos that really motivates you. Please don't lose heart and definitely ignore those scales. You can't fail but lose weight on this diet so hang in there until the next weigh in and then it will be all worthwhile! :D
Aw thank you so so much ladies, where would I be without you all, had such a rotten day yesterday, I was freezing cold, tired hungry, pile of huge bills in the post, meeting with 17 yr old sons psychologist who has put him on prozac ( asked him could I have some!!!) lunatics on the N11, cranky people at work and bad pain in my neck ( lingering affects of whiplash a few weeks ago)
Well got that off my chest! Now for some lard off my ass!!!!!!!!
Thanks again girls you're the very BEST xxxx
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Dare I say it ? ... Come on Eileen!.... YOU CAN DO IT!!! it is really really hard but when I want grub I just tell myself that I'm stronger than that - I'm not that weak willed person anymore that got me busting out of all my clothes in the first place.. and I also keep a pic of skinny me and fat me with me at all times to motivate me ;)


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Hey Eileen.... i was the same hopping on and off the scales... im on week 4 now and have promised myself not to get on the scales as it just annoys me.... on my second week i lost 2lbs and was so annoyed... but ive come to the conclusion that if i lost 2lbs every week till the second week in June, well thats my target done! Every 2lbs adds up and if we were following normal diets we would be annoyed everytime we cheat... and would fall off the wagon after 2 weeks..... so sorry to hear about your son.... he was obviously unwell so maybe the prozac might just be the answer for him and will help him through a tough time? Don't worry about the bills, they will get paid eventually!! Keep going because i find as you lose every bit of weight (even the little 2lb weeks) it takes you a step closer to feeling proud about being back in control again! Get the music pumpin when you're next on the N11 and ignore the idiots...... tune out when the people in work start spouting and take painkillers for the ol neck.... oh and wear a nice warm comfy jumper for more heat... and convince yourself you're not hungry that's just those annoyin voices in your head telling you to eat..... hope that's everything covered.... chin up Eileen YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!! x
Ah girls you're all amazing thank you so much. My 17yr old suffers from depression, something very bad happened to him when he was 6, life can be very difficult for him. He smashed stuff all over his room last week :-( started the Prozac yesterday and today I came home...he had cleaned kitchen, cleaned and hoovered his bedroom and hoovered stairs...I couldn't believe it! So maybe that's an amazing sign that we'll be ok???? Yes I'm going to take every lb as a victory, I only have a short window that I can do this, have to try and refeed Easter week as I have three big weekends in a row after that, but determined not to fall into the old dreadful habits that got me here. Thank you all so much for being so damn AWESOME
(((((((HUGS))))))) to you all!


Sensibly losing :)
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Aw Eileen hun, I have been reading yuor updates all day and couldnt reply until I logged on properly tonight... I am so so sorry you are having such a tough time of it - you are obviously strong to be doing this at a very difficult time.. hang in there and the support on this board is second to none. We are all rooting for you :) :)
Aw 'small un' (sorry I don't know your name and I WON'T use the b word) thank you so much..look not everything in my life is awful, there's a lit of great stuff too, but it seems a lot of us have problems, and here is such a good place to let it all out. Maybe this de-toxing of our bodies is letting some of the toxic stuff in our heads too. Xxxx


Sensibly losing :)
S: 12st12lb C: 12st12lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Its Donna :) And detox is probably about right! I always used to eat naughty stuff when stressed/upset/happy/sad/bored....! Not doing that now and the world is still turning!!! LOL! deffo detox for the brain too! x

Dahlia Rose

Silver Member
S: 14st0lb C: 14st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I have seen Prozac do wonderful things to my best friend turned her from a shell of herself back into the beautiful girl I missed so much! Keep your chin up sweetheart I know it's tough but good things will come xx


Sensibly losing :)
S: 12st12lb C: 12st12lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Dahlia, how did you change your user name? I wanna change mine but dont seem to be able to!! LOL! x

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