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Extra Easy help on 2 questions plz


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Hi all

Ok firstly get the awkward one outta way, but ive started drinking more water (well diet vimto) and im having roughly 4-5 500ml glass is this the amount i need (meaning litres), also im weeing a lot and what does it mean when my wee looks more like water colour not dark :confused:

Secondly im having a speg bolo and i have put big mushrooms and three different types of peppers in and onions garlic and herbs now is that enough or do i have to add more, i think if i added small mushrooms then i would say yes but these are massive

thanks all xx
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Drinking around 2 litres is about right each day but diet drinks are not a great choice because of all the additives. Water is far better for you or you could try diluting juice if you want something flavoured. And your urine should be straw coloured. If it is dark it means you are dehydrated as the urine becomes concentrated.

As for your other question I take it you are asking because you are on EE and want to know about your superfree foods? Frankly the more veggies you can pack in the better but it sounds okay, and you can also count the tomatoes as superfree.


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Jacquie, if you wee is light in colour from drinking a lot of water it means that it is purifying and a good thing. Ideally it should always be light.

It seems that the amount of veg you are including in your spag bol is just fine as the 1/s superfree!