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Help - On Holiday For A Month


We are going to Hong Kong & Australia for a month over Christmas and I am really panicking about how to deal with the diet while away. I wonder if I should follow low carb as I am sure it is going to be quite tricky to do. Also it is going to be pretty hard to avoid alcohol. I really don't want to put back the 11lbs that I've lost on the Dukan.

Any suggestions
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Never Ever Give Up!
I'm sure they sell oatbran in Australia so you can buy it there. If it's hard to follow Dukan, go Atkins and go still low carb, but add a little more fat into your diet.
I didn't have a problem like a bad hangover when I drank on DD but this varies per person. I would only drink if you absolutely HAVE to. Hope this helps x
I'm going away to for xmas and also wondering how to do my oatbran ...would you be able to make the porridge using just boiling water from the kettle ????


Never Ever Give Up!
I think so. Check the recipe section, there might be a recipe there which will tell you how to make porridge.
Enjoy your holiday - as others have said take oatbran with you or buy when away and keep as low carb as possible. Spirits with a diet mixer are the lowest carb drinks, followed by wine, then beer - if you stick to low carb you need less alcohol to get a nice fuzzy feeling anyway ;-)....
Good Luck Crels but most of all have an amazing time, the very fact that you are thinking about your diet is great when it would be so easy to just go and have a party - you still can - my plan on these occasions is to still to the spirits and diet mixers, avoid carbs still and treat myself with high protein snacks if I can such as cheese/nuts etc not choc or crisps as I normally would or a lovely big pizza!!! ooops now I am getting off track!!!
Back from holiday. Had an amazing time. Pretty much fell off the wagon but damage wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. So time to start again.
welcome back :)

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