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Hi all,
well I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday. I was just wondering what you all think of this: I am having real problems with acid, which had happened in the past on previous diets, but seems to be everyday on this. I am taking gaviscon for it, and eat some protein from the 790 plan every day because it is much worse when I SS. I've been doing this 4 weeks and lost 15lbs, but I generally feel quite lousy, maybe because I used to exercise a lot and now I can't as it makes me feel awful what with not having enough calories I guess, but I think I'm getting a bit sluggish.

I'm finding it hard to stick to - it's almost like I'm tweaking the diet to find a way of staying on it as I really want to, but then I worry that I won't loose any weight, and of course then you start thinking, well, why am I doing this then?

Does anyone have any ideas about this, or know how I can make my stomach react better to the diet please? I feel very disappointed when mentally I'm ready to do anything, but physically I feel like my stomach has constant and very spiky butterflies in it.

Ooo sorry it's so long - I can't really talk to my CDC about it, she's nice, but I feel guilty for some reason, I think because I want to do well. Thanks guys xxxx
Hi Puddy, I too suffer from acid and there are certain days when it gets really bad.

I decided to cut out certain flavours to see what made mine worse.

I find that choc mint, and Chicken and Mush soup both agravate(sp) it so I steer clear of these when I am having an off day, The packs that are bland in taste usually dont upset me as much. I also find that any bar except peanut also gives me bad acid.

I also find that if I drink any less than 4 ltrs of water it hurts too so I stick to a min of 4 ltrs per day.

As I have lost weight the acid has eased dramatically.

Hope this helps
Oooo that's interesting to know, thank you. I never thought of linking it to the flavours etc. Perhaps I have been a little low on water too, so will def try that tack and see if it helps.

Thanks so much for replying, you've given me hope when I was beginning to think about leaving the diet. I will follow you advice and hope for improvement xxx
Its worth a try puddy, I found the choc orange bar the worst for it!!!!
Let me know how you are doing x

PS mushroom soup is fine for me!!
Hi Ya

I used to suffer with acid too. I found it best to drink lots of water gradually throughout the day. It might also be worth dividing up your shakes into smaller halves so you just have half at a time rather than a whole one going wham into your stomach.

I found once I was into Ketosis then the acid got alot lot better. Have you tried pepcid 2 or Zantac. Zantac is more of a preventitive and pepcid 2 although the tabs taste pretty grim, if you wash them down with plenty of water they cure the acid straight away.

If you can possibly not eat the meat and stick out ss for 3 or 4 days I feel sure the acid will subside so you can stick to ss hapily. I felt with me the acid was there because my tummy was expecting food but done came so it was painful. If you keep giving it titbits of food it will keep making the acid. If you stop giving it solids to digest for a while the amount of acid made will reduce and so no pain. well that's my theory anyway lol

Good luck xx
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Thanks Champess and i'lldoit for the advice - going to take it on board and hopefully it will subside and I can feel better again. I really appreciate you posting, it feels lonely doing this, so thank you for taking the time to reply.

I hope your journey's are going well too :D
Funny I suffer with acid problems and everyday I used to drink actimel or the mulllerlite version to calm my stomach. If I forgot to take it, it would reappear 2 to 3 days. But since this diet I have not had any problems - not even acid reflux.

I don't know want I would do for relief if I still had problems as the conventional medicine do not work for me.

Would you reconsider talking to your counsellor? She might have some suggestions for you that will have minimal impact on your weightloss.
Puddy, Please dont ever feel lonely, we are always here to help, and we are always around to chat too, we are a site that supports at all stages, so post away, PM me if you want a private chat or anything.

The VLCD world is a better palce with mini's