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Help - Panic


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I do sound so very whinny but I'm really disappointed.

After a monumental stall -9 days without movement- yesterday it was my first day of AAM (the mandatory 810 kcal week stint before I'm back to SS) and I have gained 900 grams! (About 2 pounds I guess). Now the rational part of me says that's liquid as I probably had far too much salt in the tuna in spring water yesterday but the tired-of-dieting part of me says I'll put on 2 pounds every day of this feeding week!:cry::wave_cry:

Any advice? :(
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Hi MissAma,
Sorry to hear of your stall. Like you have already said the weight gain that you have experienced will definately be water, it is impossible to put on 2lb of fat overnight! For every lb gained you would have to consume 3500 extra calories that you haven't burnt off, in order for it to be converted to fat, which you obviously haven't if you've been sticking to the plan!
Have you tried measuring yourself for inch loss? Even if the scale isn't moving it is likely that you are still losing inches, which makes it worthwhile, afterall the inch loss is what people will notice, they won't know what you weigh!
Keep strong and think how well you have already done, the weightloss will continue after the stall, the key is to keep focused.
You may even find after the stall a big loss.
Good luck x
Yep what chicken said, it will be water and in a few days there will be a scale change and you will feel so relieved, try not to get upset.

Its amazing with this diet how every little pound stresses us out and we forget just how far we have come, you have achieved so much already dont let it spoil that goal for you ***massive hugs for you****
Hey your def not being ridiculous you are totally focused hahaha a fat burning machine (that was my George Forman voice) good luck with it honey xx


Cambridge Consultant
Hey hon ..
Hang in there and stop taking notice of your scales til weigh in ..
Mine go up and down all the time and try and ignore til weigh in.
You are doing tremendously well and you wont have put on 2 lbs by eating tuna..
Keep smiling hon x
I hate scales and have binned mine, I wont even weight in on my CDC scales, I go to boots just before she comes and get a print out, my floor is slanted and you cannot get a correct reading thats the same anywhere in my house, so annoying and frustrating but ive worried myself so much with the up and down scales we decided to just bin them and go with boots, its cool cos you get bmi reading height and weight in various guises, so im happy.


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Hiya lovelies,
I was just reading through this and wondered what AAM means ?!!? i'm clueless lol xxx


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Ahh I see lol. Roll on that stage I forgotten what food tastes like now xx

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