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Help please!! 3/4lb loss


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Hi all,
I've been on TFR for 3 weeks, losing 7lbs first week, 8lbs 2nd week and 3/4 of a lb this week.
I did not cheat in anyway whatsoever, what couls possibly have gone wrong.
On the plus side I am very proud of myself for not throwing a wobbler and jacking it in and then speeding off to McDs to commit carbicide. I think I'm slowly breaking the comfort food cycle.

I have bad oral thrush which I can only attribute to the diet. I did tfr for 5 weeks four years ago and none of this happened.

Ladies, my cycle is not due to start till next week but i've been having a show, the lady in chemist says maybe I've gotten them early and have fluid build up. Any ideas, the only difference this week was that I tried the strawberry shake and liked it so had less of the bars which i find rotten.
Seriously, I made loads of sandwiches for a party during the week, could I have inhaled some food or would just looking at it cause me to lose nothing:sigh:. I keep dreaming I've accidently eaten, my hubbie says I'm probably sleep eating, maybe I should set up a camera!!!:D

Please, Please help, i'm losing hope but happy i haven't quit yet........getting in bath now before I chew my fingers off.

Losit lou.
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Don't focus on the week look at what you have achieved overall in three weeks - just touching 16lbs- incredible.
I appreciate that it's disheartening but stay focussed to morrow is another fresh day and you will be amazed what the scales will show next week.
I too have an irregular pattern to my weight loss - the low weeks are hard but I have learnt to look at it overall accepting that the body does not always know it's a week and conform to patterns.
It will be ok keep your chin up you can do this .
Heffa is right, you will get low weeks and high weeks but you have to look at the weight loss over a series of weeks rather than one, it will be worth the effort in the end.


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Thats it hun!! Look at the big picture!!!! You will prob get your period!!! I had a REALLY heavy one about 2 weeks after starting!!! Chin up and move on babes!!! xxx


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S: 13st9.0lb G: 10st7.0lb
thanks for the replies, It's great to have support as only we know what it's like. When I did it years ago I didn't know there were sites like this.
Also, I didn't loose the weight mentally and could not see the difference in my body which led me to regain the weight but I really feel I have a better attitude this time and will do so much better, I feel more confident and like i said before i'm really proud of myself for not jacking it in. Allowing myself to be proud is a huge step forward for my mind.
Hey Well Done for not quiting your a loserer not a quiter :) my weight watcher leader told us that TOTM will effect everyone different in terms of bloating etc and some people can experience effects 1 week before / after during etc so that could of been it and an average weight lose for 3 weeks of 5lbs well above average :) x
Dnt quit Hun I've been the same big losses then nothing at yesterdays weigh in I'm same due TOTM next week. But I needed to snap out of it. Woke up this morning n thought right new week. Come on we can do it. Let's think of how much we've lost in such a short space. I'd be still waiting for the first 3lbs on a normal diet lol. Here's to a new week ??? xx

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