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Help please... joining tonight!

I have decided I can't do a VLCD and I'm joining SW this evening.
Would you please take a look at what I have eaten today and give me an idea if you think I will do well on SW. I had an idea of the extra easy plan and have tried to have a day along the basis of that plan.

Breakfast: Banana and 2 weetabix with light soya milk.
Lunch Grilled chicken breast, green salad, cucumber, tomatoes, celery and peppers. (I also had 2tbsp of light salad cream).
Dinner: Turkey stir fry with egg noodles followed by fresh pineapple (will be using half a sachet of tesco chinese stir fry sauce - i realise i may have to change this going forward and once i can check the syns will adjust).

Any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated as I expect I will be having lots of stir frys!!!

Tomorrow I am having Salmon with new potatoes and green veg.
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Hi, Good luck joining tonight, all the best people weigh on a Tuesday.;)

I have no idea about soya milk or how much you can have as a Healthy Extra but your food looks fine. Sauces can often be really high in syns so it's best to check before using but you seem aware of this.:)

Make sure you use your syns and have your 1/3 of superfree at each meal and you'll see results before you know it.:D
Thanks Laura,
I'm really excited! I tried to get the SW magazine yesterday, but none of the shops near me had it in stock. Will buy that tonight with any books I'll need. When I decided the VLCD was not for me, I saw how many people were viewing this thread and thought to myself that this must be a great plan if so many people use the SW thread.
I have a four year old and I think that having a fridge full of fresh fruit and veg has only got to be a good thing for her and me!!
I can't eat salads or stir frys without some kind of sauce or dressing, I'm hoping I will discover recipes to overcome these problems soon enough.
Thanks for your support.
Sophie xxx
:D You should be excited, it's a great plan and the support on here is the best.:D

Have a look in the recipe section, I'm sure they'll be some stirfry ideas up there. I'm a bit boring and just use soy sauce and spices, if you get stuck I'll try and find the recipe I use from one of the old mags.
Probably a good thing you couldnt get the mag in your local shops - buy it at group tonight as its 70p cheaper

Your food diary so far looks pretty spot on for extra easy. All I would say is if you've been on a very low cal diet, dont be too disheartened if your 1st week loss isnt as high as some others - your body might not have adjusted, and other people who have just joined might have been eating fattening unhealthy foods beforehand so are more likely to have a big drop.

What you will find though is that slimming world is very easy to maintain in comparison to a VLCD as you are eating well over time, not missing out on treats and you will be less likely to get fed up and go back to "normal" food

Good luck
Wow, you ladies have made me feel so welcome already. Thank you. xx

I haven't done a VLCD for a while, and only did 5 days last week. I've accepted a slower weight loss, but one which doesn't make me feel anti-social or depressed or weak. I'm in this for the long haul and will need to accept that some weeks you may not see the results you feel you deserve, but to not let that throw me off track.

I'll be on here most evenings for thinspiration!!!

OMG Laura!!! Look how well you're doing!!!! I feel honoured to be taken under your wing!!!


Serial Foodie!
welcome sophie. This time around I started SW because I was not coping with Exante so know what you mean. This girl was made for real and frequent feeding :D

Good luck at class... your food looks really good. light salad cream is about 2 syns for that portion and the stir-fry sauces differ quite a bit. I use asda spicy szechuan as its only 7.5 syns for the entire pouch and is lovely. I tried another one and checked syns after... was over 20 syns... coulda cried! still, you will be able to check these things after tonight :D

good luck xxx
Good luck! I've been doing SW for 4 weeks, never been to a slimming club before and I'm loving it!
Good Luck tonight x

You should be ok with your food that u are eating and I am sure u will soon find a replacement and be making your own SW sauces ... I am sure I have seen a book in our class that is all about making your own sauces so keep your eye out for that one. I have a few of the recipe books which are brilliant and the magazines will give u some great ideas.

Oh and Welcome to the website, even though I only joined here myself last night!!! xxx

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