Help please - Syn value...

Have just been to the cinema with the bf & I've only had 2.5 syns since weighing yesterday (really good for me btw) and had planned on only having another 2.5 today so I can enjoy a Chinese tomorrow night without going over 50 syns! Chinese I have is usually 20 or so!

But me being me, couldn't resist when he got quarter of a bag full of pic n mix I have absolutely no idea on the syn value of sweets and wouldn't know where to begin!

Could anyone at all help by giving me a rough estimate of what they think I should count it as?

Here are some of the sweets I had
- Bon bond
- chocolate coated little things (can't specify I just scoffed)
- 3 chocolate coated Brazil nuts

Bare in mind I did share this with him! Ha!
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Brazil nuts are 3 syns each
Chocolate raisins depend on how many you had, 28g is 6syns

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I think you'll just need to have a guess at what weight you had! When I did this I searched 'pick n mix' on my fitness pal which says about 350 calories for 100 grams. Then I applied the 20 calories:1 syn rule. Its probably not accurate at all but it's a start!
I have already searched it on my fitness pal, so at least I was thinking along the right lines haha I've got it down as 358 so I'm going to syn is as 20 just to be on the safe side. Hoping that this doesn't affect much regarding my weightloss next week!

Thank you