help please

  1. slimjimxo

    Starbucks syns

    So! I’ve been ordering a Skinny Iced Latte with a pump of sugar free caramel syrup. I’ve been counting this as a HexA. However, I’m not entirely sure if this would be syns too? I’ve had a really small loss this week and wondering if maybe this could be the culprit! 😩 Any help would be appreciated!
  2. slimjimxo

    Aldi Ashfield Farm Chicken Burger

    Could anyone tell me the syn value of these please?
  3. aliceliza

    What if something is less than half a syn?

    Hi everyone, I just have a quick question. If a packet of food is 2.5 syns, and I eat exactly half of it, how many syns is that? As you can’t halve 2.5 syns... Or, to put it another way, if a food is “0.5 syn for 2” - what if I only eat one? You can’t half a half syn... so would it be classed...
  4. S

    Exante Day 1.

    So I've been able to stick to my Exante plan today. Breakfast; banana shake. Lunch; Red Thai Soup Dinner; Curry I did add 100g of steamed broccoli. Supper; Peanut butter bar. I've had lots of water today and don't feel too bad. Also on my fitness Pal it has logged my Fitbit steps 9703 so far...
  5. W


    Help... So iv been on SS for over a week now and lost 9lbs. Iv just started my period and pretty down and starving and I hate a packet of crisps and a biscuit and now I am so angry at myself. Will I put weight back on because of this?
  6. CoffeeInBed

    Chinese Buffet

    Okay ladies and gents, I need some help. My 7yo is off on a sleepover and my mother in law is taking the baby for the night tonight so we’re 100% child free and she has gifted us a voucher for our favourite Chinese buffet :eek: my partner isn’t doing SlimmingWorld and is so excited for drinks...
  7. PuddingQueen

    *Newbie* Slimming World with a permanent colostomy and slow transit bowel..... struggling to loose

    Good morning everyone I joined SW 1 January 19. I have a permanent colostomy bag(stoma) from an operation l had 5 months ago due to severe constipation and a very slow transit bowel. Up to now l have lost just 6.5lbs and l am really struggling. Before Christmas l started getting severe...
  8. T


    Hey does anyone know the syn value of sweet and sour chicken with no batter from the Chinese?! Trying to make better choices 😀
  9. S


    So i l’ost alot of Weight eating 600 cals a day and now i am on Slimming World extra easy plan and people say i look thé same but i feel i havé put weight on eventhough i am eating my syns and Healthy extras.Do you really loose weight-will i??or should i reduce food.
  10. W

    Hi I'm new

    Hi everyone, I'm new here. I'm 24 and 95kg BMI obese. Lately I've been researching a lot of diets and everytime I Google them I end up here reading reviews. I love how supportive every one is. It's nice to speak to people who can understand the struggle with weight. I have always been fit and...
  11. Mrsb1509

    Tesco meat free fishless fish cakes

    Hi can anyone tell me the syn value for these Tesco meat free fish cakes please. They look really nice and I’m hoping to have one for my tea!
  12. C

    Syn value for homemade brownies please help!

    today in school we made brownies. can anyone help figure out the syn value I have no idea and I don't want to miss out because of slimming world but I'm afraid it'll be too many syns! Here's the ingredients: 100g of plain flour 4 eggs 175g butter 200g sugar 200g bar of aldi dairy fine...
  13. Chunkynotfunky

    Protein Powder Hacks!

    Hiya! I have just purchased a new low calorie protein powder as a breakfast meal replacement, however it tastes foul! Any hacks/ideas on how to make a slimming friendly (quick) breakfast using protein powder? (Hope I havent just wasted £30 :)) xxx
  14. F

    41 syns at 2pm

    Hi Everyone, Today work brought me in cakes and buns for my birthday. I ate a brownie and two biscuits. I've worked it out at approx. 41 syns. I feel beyond guilty and wondering am I now going to have a gain due to this. I am so mad at myself but it's one of those days where I could eat...
  15. Z

    Syns in dairy free chocolate milk

    Hey everyone Would someone be able to tell me the Hex A amounts for the following dairy free milks? Koko coconut chocolate milk Alpro long life dairy free Soya chocolate milk Alpro Almond dark chocolate Oatly choc milk Alpro coconut milk Alpro chocolate coconut milk Or any suggestions of...
  16. P

    Newbie needing advice!

    hi everyone, I've just signed up as I religiously stalk these pages and I know how good you all are at advice.... I joined slimming world last week as I'm hoping to lose over 3st to get back to my pre baby/babies weight lol going from 13st to 10 stone. However, I was eating healthy the week...
  17. L

    COFFEE.....?!?! argue

    Hi everyone, I'm rather new to this, and slimming world - so bare with me! I love love love my Skinny Vanilla Latte's (sugar free) from Starbucks. If I use my mile as my HEA - does this have a sin value? Thanking you all in advance.
  18. hananafritters

    Help to set a target weight

    When I started slimming world a few weeks ago I set a goal of losing a stone and a half which will bring me to 11stone and half a pound but I feel that I ultimately would like to weigh less than that. I have a goal in mind of 10 stone 7lbs but I have in the past been 10 stone on the dot but I...
  19. C

    Extra Easy I dont want to weigh myself, I become obssessed with scales in the past- please help.

    Hi folks, I've just started slimming world again after a two year - "I'll start next week" procrastination approach. The thing is I dont want to weigh my self, I've become obssessed with the scales in the past due to to a lifetime battle with bulimia. Last time I lost 2 stones but i might have...
  20. K

    Marks and Spencer syns

    Hi everyone it's my 1st week on slimming world and I was hoping you could help me with a few things. How many syns in the following meals from m and s? I was hoping to have a small treat and these seemed rather good. Balanced for you chicken jalfrezi Balanced for you courgette and broccoli...
  21. Mouse_x

    New to this could really use some help?!?

    Hi everyone, I did slimming world a few years ago and lost 4 and half stone needless to say that's all come back on. I've received had a baby and reallt want to get back on plan. I can't afford to rejoin and tbh I never attended group before. It would be really helpful if anyone could help...
  22. K

    Hair loss

    Hi, I've lost 3 stone with CWP and have now stopped as my hair is falling out. Can anyone else tell me if they had this how long it lasted for? I'm so worried as so much is coming out! Thanks x
  23. lellykins88

    Printable/Word doc food diaries?

    Hey guys, Does anyone have any printable food diaries or word docs they could share with me? Cant afford to go back to group yet and was wondering if anyone had any templates they could share? xx
  24. C

    Tesco chicken and bacon career salad syns

    Hi, Does anyone know the syns to tescos chicken & bacon Caesar salad? Obviously without the dressing? Thanks
  25. LeanneB94

    Extra Easy Inferno Pizza syns, please help

    Hi everyone, I'm new to slimming world and mini mins, there is a recently new pizza place around the corner from my work and during our monthly meeting are discussing getting one in to share. I was wondering if anyone knew the syn values for their pizzas? They're thin based and can be topped...
  26. N

    Post weigh-in binge - HELP!

    Hi everyone, I've just joined since I'm forever on this site anyway so may as well get involved - you seem like a lovely bunch :) Anyway a bit about me - I'm 26, and have been overweight (obese) as long as I can remember. The weight kept on creeping on and before I knew it I was half a pound...
  27. serialslimmer7

    IBS sufferer trying to lose weight

    Hi everyone, Bit of a :oops: post but I need a bit of help. I have very severe IBS as in literally all food just goes straight through me in less 15 mins of eating it. This poses its own issues as I can't eat out or even eat at all unless i have quick access to a bathroom! I have to take...
  28. A

    Need a kick up the arse

    Hey everyone, I need some help 5 years ago I hit target I had lost 6 stone and felt fantastic, but due to alot of stress I started to regain the weight and unfortunately I have gone back to 18stone. I have tried a few slimming world groups in my area to try and loose it again but I'm just...
  29. V

    Help please - Syn value...

    Have just been to the cinema with the bf & I've only had 2.5 syns since weighing yesterday (really good for me btw) and had planned on only having another 2.5 today so I can enjoy a Chinese tomorrow night without going over 50 syns! Chinese I have is usually 20 or so! But me being me, couldn't...
  30. B

    Extra Easy Syns in tesco finest filled pasta

    Hi, can someone please tell me the Syns value for tesco finest pea & smoked pancetta ravioli? Got some as a treat for my tea and would like to know how bad I'm being! Per portion it's 379 calories, (in 185g) with 12.4g fat, 4.3g of which are saturates, 48.3g carbs, 6.5g fibre and 15.4g protein...