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Help please TOTM query

Hi, I have been an avid reader of the cd forum since starting the diet on 25th August and it has been a real inspiration.Until now I have never posted because IT and me just don't get on. However I am a desperate lady and seek some reassurance to stop me feeling so disheartend.

This is my seventh week on the diet and up until last monday's weigh in had lost 2st7lb,yet this week I have got dreadful pmt and not lost a pound....then today worse still have put on a 1lb.Honest I've done nothing naughty or different. Has this happened to anyone else?
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I get really bloated just before my TOTM. The asterisks in my weigh ins indicate TOTM. Some weeks I get really down, thinking I'm not going to have lost but even if it's just a pound or so it generally happens.

Keep with it and drink loads of water!

The good news is, the week after your TOTM is the slimmest you are all month!


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You have probrably retained water, and that will soon disappear within a few days. Don't worry about it, it will even itself out soon. Up your water intake for a few days, and see if that helps.
Thanks for the replies,have just come back from a children's party and even though still down about weight gain feel so good to be in control and not to have come off plan. :)
Well Done Mrs T, its been my TOTM this week and the scales wouldn't budge but they are showing losses now, it soon comes off hon stick with it and well done for staying on plan xx
Thanks for your reply Jimmy Shoo, just the support I needed as so tempted to join Mr Taurus and my in-laws in some sunday afternoon vino, I am just soooooo frustrated!:mad:
I got on the scales on Sunday morning to see that they had shot up 3 or 4 pounds, a definite sign that TOTM imminent. Feeling bloated, ite annoying but only fluid. Don't worry!
Thanks Blingbabe, my weigh in today and not lost a sausage,infact on cdc's scales may well have put on a pound this week. However I got through the weekend without falling off the wagon into the vino lake so at least I feel in control of what I'm putting into my mouth,even though my hormones are controlling my weight!

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