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HELP PLEASE why did I ever do AAMW I just cant get back to ts


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Hi all I did my AAMW a month ago and I had been 100 % for the 5 weeks leading up to it but now the odd but of f**d creeps in each day!!!! only about 20 to 100 cal but I dont want it!!!! Its like once I had broken the ts I see it as broken so it makes it ok, why the hell cant I do it im so bloody cross with myself.:mad: PLEASE can anyone help in anyway??????? I really need you all.:cry:
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I know how you feel Ive done so many Restarts ive lost count, only thing to do really until we can get it right, Best of luck and keep with it Hope it goes really well for you x


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What kind of foods are you eating? If they're protein based then you should be ok. Are you still losing weight whilst having the extra 100 cals?


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I don't know if you've tried the Beck diet solution book. I've found it really helpful. One of the days in there is about working out your 'no choice' rules. I now have 'no choice' post it notes all over the place - but to remind myself that when I see chocolate, it's no choice, I'm not eating it... the same with cheese etc and anything else that tends to tempt you. Once you're saying to yourself, maybe I'll have a little, then each time you think about it now you're going through a little decision game with yourself, and you're back to willpower - and easy to delude yourself that just this once I'll have a little. If you can convince yourself that it's no choice again on all these foods, it gets much easier - that's what you did at the beginning when you said, right, all I'm having is these 3 packs. Try and draw the line and be strict with yourself - but I know that is much easier said than done!


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ME TOO, no choice really. I want to be slim - and quickly. In fact I never ever want to be fat again. Its so much more fun being slimmer - (clothes, energy, self esteem, confidence, health - are some of the reasons) and I have not finished yet.
Three packets work for me but I agree its not easy. I seem to have put food in a box marked 'later'!
Its not gone away but for now I have three packets of fuel to keep me well and some f*** once a week. I don't have bars, simply because I do not like them.
Re 'add a meal week' - it didn't suit me either - almost too much food. I add a meal about once a week. Its nearly always f*** or shell f*** and some **** etc..
I find once a week does not get me back to eating again and I seem to be losing weight fine (three stone - three months so far) and I feel really well, better than ever actually.

Be easy on yourself, you are not a bad person, just someone fighting an addiction, its tough.

Good luck

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