help please


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my little one is being a nightmare at the moment and i have not been able to spend much time in the kitchen

so was just wondering if anyone knows any simple soup recipes that i could knock up a big batch of , im not keen on veg so pretty much limited too leeks , carrot , chicken ,brocolli , cabbage im not a whiz in the kitchen so the more simple the better lol

just some good warming healthy soups so if i combine these with my fruit snacks and healthy extras i still lose without madam having a tantrum everytime im in the kitchen .

im on extra easy and would like to make a chicken and noodle soup but just dont have a clue how too cook , too used to frozen processed foods lol
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Hi! There are lots of easy soup recipes in the recipe sub-forum above. Why not check them out and see if you find some that you like the sound of?