help please?


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Hello everybody.

Hope you guys are doing good.

I a slight dilemma and i could do with some help.

I have been diagnosed with PCOS a few years back, and because of this my periods stop n start all the time
My period became regurlar last oct, and this month they have stopped again,
I have done 2 home pregnancy test (boots digital) both negative

I constantly feel sleepy all the time... Has this hapenned to anyone else and have been pregnant?

i had a urine test at the docs and thats also negative...
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yeah it has happened to me too. I felt bloated, chest was soar and I felt like I had a baby bump too. But i guess it was just a food baby, because when I took the test (first response) it came out negative. Its disappointing when you want something but it just doesn't come out that way. Have you been Pregnant before or are you trying for the first time ?


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I was like this the other week was so bloated that when lying in bed could not sleep on front chest was sore and just felt strange like when I was pregnant with my other two