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help please :(

hello all
had my 1st weigh in 2day - lost 10 lbs - was over the moon with that....
BUT... on my way home i was so happy etc then felt like celebrating, stupid i know, but anyway, i did.... i had 2 slices of pizza :mad::mad::mad::mad:
what will happen now?
will i put pretty much all of the weight back on or will it not be so bad?
im such a bloody let down...at least ive done it now, and feeling like this will teach me i never want to again :mad::mad::cry::cry:

Thanks for listening :sigh:
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Firstly ... don't panic.

Secondly ... DON'T PANIC.

You won't gain 10lb after eating a bit of pizza (well done on the 10lb by the way :))
It MAY have knocked you out of ketosis but there won't have been enough carbs in what you ate to restore all of your glycogen stores - consequently, you'll probably be back in ketosis after just a day or so of SS and LOADS of water.

Finally - remember how this made you feel and you'll have gained an important lesson from what happened. A bit of cheese on some dough just wasn't worth the grief you're going through now was it?

Next time you want to pat yourself on the back, get yourself some nice new nail-varnish or a glossy mag :)
thanks for that
i feel really yucky and horrible now, so i know for a fact i wont do it again!
i was so proud of the 10lb weight loss, i just duno why i was sooooo stoooopid!
i still have a really rotten tasting mouth and im not hungry (as u usually are after carbs) so fingers corssed i havent been knocked out. im drinking water like theres no 2moro until its all flushed out :)

Thanks 4 ur support

Deb G

Silver Member
As said above - don't panic - but DO learn the lesson. You need to get past the idea of using food as a reward - not easy, but it WILL come!!

You can obviously do this, because you lost 10lbs in the first week. So put it behind you, and get on with Week 2!


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Oh hun, 2 slices of pizza isn't going to make you put all the weight back on! I did about 2 weeks of soulsource before Christmas and lost over a stone - then i fell off the wagon and thought OMG I'm going to put it all back on, but surprisingly even though i never went back on the diet I still kept it off! So chin up hun - look at it this way - you wanted to eat and you did, the pizza was lovely but you still want to carry on losing the weight - Get back to glugging all the water you can manage and carry on. You don't have to fall off the wagon completely.

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