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  1. lisaloooo

    lisaloooo Full Member

    I am only just in my second week on SS and have had a bad day.

    My mum fell over and broke her wrist quite badly today and I have ended up in A&E all day.

    No shakes or water all day until now. Is this likely to cause a gain??
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  3. pandora

    pandora finding my way again !

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    when you say no shakes or water i assume you didn't resort to food either ?
    if so just drink as much as you can tonight & get back on track tommorrow, but it won't make you put on weight, just be a bit dehydrated & may slow todays loss a bit.
    start tommorrow as a new day
    good luck hun xx:)
  4. lisaloooo

    lisaloooo Full Member

    No didn't have anything at all.

    I actually came over all faint in the hospital. I think it was the lack of food and water and being kept waiting soooooooooo long.

    A nurse even asked me if I was about to faint :(

    Have just had a soup and trying to drink loads.
  5. kazz

    kazz Gold Member

    Hey Lisa, I know you dont feel like it, but get as much of your packs into you as you you have any tetras or bars? I find the bars handy when I am struggling to have all my 'meals'.

    Not having them today shoulnt result in a gain, but its the nutritional stuff I would be more concerned about hun.

    Hope your mum is ok now...
  6. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    Sorry to hear about your mum, hope shes feeling a bit better now.

    Just to let you know that I (a few times!) left my packs at home when I shoulf have had them at work, mainly because I am the most unorganised person in a morning ever! In my case it didnt ever cause a gain in weight, same 4lbs a week as per normal.

    Water may retain for a day or so, as your body may hold on to it if its a bit low, but that is not true weight gain.

    You are doing the right thing having a shake now, and try and have another 1 before bed, missing 1, for 1 day only will be ok.

    With regards to water, by all means up your intake, but dont drown yourself, I have tried this before, and not only will you be up all night weeing, but you can also give yourself leg cramps if you down a large amount before bed.

    In these cases, its a circumstance that is beyond your control. Dont fret, and go for it tomorrow x
  7. kazz

    kazz Gold Member

    OMG....I had horrible pains in my legs this morning, and I think I drank about 2 litres of water really late last nite....explains it now!!
  8. NooNoo1970

    NooNoo1970 Member

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    Well more importantly than you worring about gaining..I would be so proud of myself that I didnt resort to food whilst waiting at the hospital!

    Thats a fab thing to do, as I know there are usually a million and one vending machines with choc and crisps etc and coffee/snack bars at hospitals so well done you, you did fab!!

    Just do loads of glugging today.You will be fine.

    Well done, and I hope your mum is doing ok now.

    Lou X
  9. mindless

    mindless Hair today - gone tomorra

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    Yes well done for not straying in the hospital - I always am surprised that as centres of Helath Care, the machines they have usually sell high cal, high sugar/salt rubbish.

    Keep the water up as already said and good luck.

    I hope that your mum is okay and that the wrist isn't causing too much discomfort - broke my arm once and it could've throbbed for england!
  10. lisaloooo

    lisaloooo Full Member

    Thanks everybody.

    There were loads of vending machines there but for the first time ever I wasn't tempted as wasn't hungry at all. :)

    Mums doing ok, luckily it was her left arm so she can still do most things.
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