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Help Please!!

Foo Fan

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Hi Guys,

Some of you might have seen my posts last week saying that I was going to start again last Monday 29/12/08...

Well its over a week later and I still havent got back on track...:cry:

Monday I had 2 shakes whiles I was in work - then gave in to food when I got home and yesterday I done exactly the same thing..

I seem to have lost all motivation! :sigh:

I've had man flu over the past week so I think cos I've been feeling under the weather I haven't been in the right frame of mind to get back on LT.. (Or am I just making excuses)

Is anyone else finding it hard to re-start? Any advise would be gr8!!

I am determind not to slip up today - so I'll be logging to minimins most of the day to stop me cheating lol..

Sorry if I seem as though I'm having a moan guys :confused:

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blue eyes

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I restarted 27/12/08, did 4 days and then have struggled ever since like you. Even got into ketosis! Have just completed day 1 again and feeling ok, I have a meal on saturday as its my sons 18th, so I was going to leave it until after that.

My sister has also been struggling and has been on it semi for a couple of weeks, after a fantastic start and losing 14lbs shes then had 2 weeks of losing 3 and 2lbs, so at least shes lost.

I decided even if I stay the same or lose a couple of pounds I'm going to be weighed in on Friday!:eek:

Just keep going, the cold weather definately doesnt help does it?

I've just decided that the results are far to appealing and food will still be there after! Thats what I will keep telling myself. XX
hey foo fan.
dont worry its hard and sometimes it takes a few attempts. I started the process back in Jan 2008, lost 8 stone and stopped in june 08. i started at 19stone 9lbs and finished at 11 stone 11lbs. I have just eaten normal since and i weigh 12 stone 1lb. Not much of a gain in 6 months which is great. Along those 6 months, i must have tried about 4 times to start again to lost the rest of the 3 stone i want to shift. But i felt like u. just cud Not do it even though i wanted it soo bad. But i started again on Monday and have stuck to it. I even made my boyfriends dinner and sandwiches for work last night and i was ok. Just think after the first 3 days, you'l get on the scales and see you have lost weight and want to carry on... how much have you got to lose hun? how much did you lose before on lipotrim??

lyns x


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Best thing to do is to plan out when you will have your shakes and what you will be doing in between these times so that you are not in the position where you will be tempted by food.
My first couple of days I planned the times when I would have my shakes and inbetween I did some house work, watched a DVD and had a bath. You will find that a hot water bottle on the tummy is good for hunger pangs x


S: 20st7lb C: 20st7lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 44.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Yep I know full well where ya are coming from...and this weather aint helping much

Plan your week ahead and try and keep yourself occupied at all times.

Dont be worrying about having a moan thats what this place is for to moan at, laugh with, getting laughed at, everything, so even if ya want to come on and talk about what music ya like then we are here to listen to ya no matter what!!

My advice would be not to start until ya are over the flu, ya probably feel like sh*t anyways and the last thing is ya dont want to be made feel worse!
So restart when ya are in the right frame of mind and I wont lie but the worst 3-4 days are the worst but we will get ya through it, gud luck hun and keep posting


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Good luck on the re-start. Try to think back when you first started, and how motivated you were then, think of your goals and you might just get that motivation back. Just think of how much better you will feel when you start to achieve some of your goals.

All the best.


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Just keep remembering how fantastic you will look and all the fab clothes you can buy when you get to goal!