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Help please!


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Hi everyone,

I have recently come off Lighter Life after losing just under five stone since Sept. I have one and a half stone to go, but just couldn't face abstaining for another six weeks...

I have been looking at the different diets, and SW has had the most recommendations. Could you give me some kind of low down on the limitations of the diet... what kinds of things you eat, and how much of it - and also, roughly speaking - what the average weekly weight losses are like....? How much does it cost??

Also - does the programme teach you about 'after' SW? Obviously you can't be on red and green days forever (that's the limit of my SW knowledge) and I want to be able to really master healthy eating at the end of it.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer!

Anna xx
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Hi there and well done on your loss so far. Sw is based on red , green and extra easy. Lots of carby things are free on green, but you can have meat for healthy extras which have to be measured etc and calcium rich foods are healthy extras which have to be measured. Red is free protein and carbs have to be measured (healthy extras). On Extra easy the foods free on red and green are all free on this plan but the healthy extras are reduced. (don't know if all that makes sense to you.)

Sw is a great plan and i haven't got to target YET, however it is a way of eating for life and you will see what i mean by that if you join. You maintain your weight by having extra healthy extras and some people can increase their syns (my friend has 25 per day).

My weight losses are in my signature, i find it is the only plan i can follow as it is so flexible and i don't feel hungry on it. Good luck on your last part of your journey xx
Hi Anna and welcome, yes SW really is a plan you can adopt for life as it is based purely on healthy eating, the best thing about it is there is no measuring or weighing of free foods at all so you can eat loads of free foods to fill you up, (like veg, meat and fish on a red day, potatoes, rice pasta and pulses on a green day), its very easy to follow once you have got your head around it and you can still have a social life whilst on the plan (biggest disadvantage of LL and CD), the average weight losses on SW are 1-2lbs a week but some people lose more, some less, if you follow it 100% you will lose but having said that if you have come off LL straight onto SW you may find it takes a couple of weeks before you start seeing any losses.

The cost is, I think, £4.50 a week, I don't go to class myself and follow it at home, I think the joining fee is half price at £5 at the moment but if you look on the SW website it should tell you on there.

I love this plan and it's the only 'diet' I know where I can eat loads of nice food (not just lettuce!), have a curly wurly and a packet of crisps every night and still lose weight!


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It really sounds complicated to try to explain it in a nutshell but it really isn't. Once you get into the SW way of eating it becomes 'normal' and is more of a lifestyle than a diet. It is really easy and the losses vary from person to person. It is the only plan that has ever worked for me and I would recommend it to anyone. It costs £10 to join the £4.50 per week. I would recommend you go to a local group and speak to the consultant there and get the proper low down on the plan and see if it would be the plan for you. Well done on your losses so far, I hope you find the right 'food' plan for you x


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Well done on your loss so far:).

I agree with what has been said already, it is a plan you can follow for life! It's about learning that you can eat as much as you want of the "right" foods.
Losses vary from person to person. Mine are always better if I exercise, but it can still vary from week to week.
Go along to a class. Every time I have been as a new starter, the ethos is to allow you to sit through the group and then listen to the new members welcome talk, ask any questions you are unsure of, and only then do you sign up, if you feel it is the right plan for you!
It really isn't that complicated and it works, just as long as you are committed.

Good luck deciding:)
Hi Anna

I have to say a big well done on your weight loss. I am new to SW. Well saying that I have tried it on and off over the years. I lost two stone 5 years ago for my wedding but I couldn't shift anything after that but I know why now...my thyroid was underactive at the time. It is now sorted thank goodness. The first time I did slimming world was about 14 years ago and I lost 11 lb in 2 weeks. I couldn't believe it. The plan has changed a little since then but I have to say I really like the changes in the plan.

Good luck xx


Desperate to be slim!
Wow! What a great loss so far.
I started slimming world almost 4 weeks ago (had 2 weigh ins) and have lost 8 1/2 lb in that time. I love it because I never feel hungry, I can have extra treats in the form of syns every day, including things like chocolate, and there is so much free food that I don't need to weigh. Also, the healthy extras make sure I'm getting everything I need. I'm eating far far better now than I was before I started. Everyone at work is amazed with how much I eat for lunch!
Go to your local group, chat to your consultant and see if you think it will suit you. I've met loads of lovely people already!
Emma xXx
btw when u are at target group is free, and still attend as it keeps u motivated and just keeps and eye on things if it looks like ur gonna slip..
I agree with all of the above. I came back to SW after trying WW and others as I realized it was something I could follow for the rest of my life, unlike the other 'diet' plans. Especially with the Easy plan which means I can cook the same things for my mom and myself.

Well done on coming so far Huni, especially on LL! Ive done both LL and CD which were successful at the time, but the minute you eat normally you gain!
SW is brilliant, you can eat all the "free foods" that are recommended and still loose weight. You will probably question in your first week if it will really work because of the amounts that you can eat, but trust as...it does work!!!!!
Good luck with the rest of your journey.
What a brilliant loss so far!!

I agree with everything that has been said. I remember when I first did SW I found it a bit overwhelming but after reading the books carefully it all became second nature. I am doing that plan now but don't attend classes - I glanced over my old literature but had actually remembered most of it as it so easy.

I love the fact that you are not constantly weighing things and don't have to worry about portion sizes and calorie/point counting when using 'free' food and you can eat the same as friends and family.

The best thing of all is that you are NEVER hungry.

Good luck with it all and hope you find a good class to attend. Everyone on here is great (I'm still relatively new) and this forum is a great source of information and support.


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Hey Hon Great loss so far XX You don't really neefd an after plan as it's so easy to follow you just kind of find yourself always doing it as it's a different approach to food makes it easy to know when you have eaten too much and when your eating too little. plus as mentioned above you get to keep coming to class for free when you hit target and i enjoy my class so much it's a great incentive.
hey, wow you have lost lots so far! i had similar thoughts when i started slimming world but was spurred on by my friend who lost 3 stone and always seemed to be eating well and lots of it! so i took the plunge in january and currently have lost 12.5 pounds! i cant believe it because i have never really felt too deprived (well only with my alcohol intake and lets face it cutting back is a very good thing!!) and also if i have had slips i've always managed to get back on track and still see a good weight loss. i was amazed at how the weight was coming off when i was eating so much, but when i really sat down and analyzed it, all of the small naughty extras that i was having before and that are laden with fat and calories are gone. i.e having a curry doesnt mean it has to be full of cream or oils, and having a chilli doesnt mean i have to have lots of nachos and soured cream with it. so im eating more now but the right foods. some nights im so full up and content that im sure i cant lose weight, but i do!! give it a go!!!!! its great! xxxx

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