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help please!

Hi everyone,
Hope all is well. I really need some help with this, I've been trying to get started on Lipotrim for a few weeks now, every monday Ive been saying I'll start and everyday I say I'll start tomorrow coz I get through the day and then it comes to going home from work and I always seem to just go straight for food without even thinking and eat loads. I know this seems really pathetic when ur all doing so well on it, I wish I'd stayed on it in Jan and never switched to lighter life, I was doing so well and that just ruined it for me. Im also sick of ppl telling me to just give up coz its 'obviously not working if i can't not eat', i KNOW this works so well and I feel like its my last chance, I just keep on eating without a thought and now hardly any of my clothes fit me, I just dont know what to do, I feel like I need some sort of proper help coz its all in my head, or maybe I just need a reality check and to get a grip?!

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Hi Louise and welcome back, you have made the right choice by saying how you feel. Its a case of carry on eating and putting lipotrim off for another day/week/month/year and just think of how much weight you will have gained.

Or you can start to think positive, you need to tell yourself you CAN do it and you CAN stick to it and you CAN get through day 1, and you CAN get through week 1. You need to think more positive and not give up at the first hurdle. You know it works, you have done it before and you CAN do it again. Just make up your mind that tomorrow will be the first day of the rest of your life and to a slimmer you.

Come on hun, give it 1 whole hearted attempt and see the difference after only 7 days. Start from tomorrow and log on here anytime you need any support.
Thanks so much for that kered, I was starting to think i was going mad! good to know I can log onto here for support, just felt a bit of an idiot coz im like a human dustbin at the mo! not for any longer though, im going to make myself get through the 1st wk and i know after that I'll feel so good I'll want to carry on. I've got enough shakes to last me a week but I was thinking of going back to my chemist for a chat which may help me to put it in perspective, do u think? But last time I went, the woman who normally weighs me wasnt in and it was a woman who didnt know hardly anything about the diet, she want motivating at all, she said 'right, your the heaviest you've been on this diet so are u gonna start it or not?' and when i told her my problems she just said 'right so are you going to do it then?' which made me feel unmotivated and worse, she shouldnt be allowed to weight ppl on the diet coz talk like that is no good!xxx


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Hey chick! Kered has said it all there by the looks of it! I did just send you an email on here, did you get it?x


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Thanks guys, your great! louisekj - I cant access an email? how do u do it?X

It should have gone straight to the email that you have registered with the forum. Like your personal one that you log in with. Like Kered said, i couldnt private message you yet cos you havent posted enough so i emailed. Best get talking girl lol xx

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