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Has the constipation sorted itself out now or do you just want tips to get the 2lbs off ...?
The key is stick to the diet 100% and drink plenty of water, if you do this you should lose the weight.


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you could try using Dulcolax to help with the constipation, and increasing your water intake.

Good luck:p


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That's what I use. I have to because even psyllium husks don't keep me 'regular'! They help a lot but I still need a little extra boost, so to speak, once or twice each week.


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Try the Fibre89 from your counsellor OR Dulcolax, both will make you 'go'. I drink 8-12 pints of water each day & still struggle to go to the loo, Fybogel works too, though don't know whether it's 'allowed' or not.
Good luck, I truly sympathise as it is awful being 'bunged up', headaches, bloated tummy, pains & feeling sluggish.xxxx


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If your new to the diet then this is natural to be constipated as when you change to any form of a new diet it does upset bowel movement.

Are you drinking enough water? Minimum is four pints of water plus what you use to mix your packets with and when eating a bar you must drink water with this as well.

Are you mobile, as walking does help and brisk walking for twenty minutes does in most cases have the desired effect later on.

Also, when your on a vlcd for a while you don't go as often as you don't have the same volume of waist to process.

I actually find taking a teaspoon of Fibre 89 a day helps keep me regular your CDC stocks it, it is a very effective bulking agent and as well, it has no added carbohydrate so you Will stay in ketosis and it is very economical as you get about 40 serving from one tub.

If you have been very constipated and you feel you need something a bit more then dulco-lax tablets available from your chemist will help. Only take as recommended on the packet as they are strong and wait 24 hours as they do work.

This is only Wednesday and you could easily be down 2lbs. by Saturday but if it is totm then you may be retaining water as most women experience water retention at this time.

Two things I find can slow down your weight loss when SSing and that is not drinking enough water and not taking your three CD meals a day...missing your packets slows weight loss down.

Hope this helps.

Love Mini xxx
Its seems to be ever since i have replaced my one shake with a bar.

How much is the fibre 89? I may get some from my CDC.

I have been loosing about 2lbs per week but i know i need to be more stricter as it is slowing down

thanks for you help :)

I'm on 790. I may try sole sourcing until saturday just to aid with the weightloss as i sometimes only have 2 shakes because i am full from my meal. Naughty i know.

I hope i can do it!!


Have a serene day!!
Don't miss your shakes as you need the vits and minerals in them to keep your body functioning. When I did the 790 I used to have my last shake before I went to bed and it was great.

I am now SSing and I still suffer with that problem - I have tried Movical (Just made me want to eat - I know weird)
Nylax (ooer missus the pain) likewise with the Sennakot, but the Fibre 89 in my brekkie shake and a Dulcolax twice a week really help.

We are all different, it is just finding something that suits.



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Ive suffered with constipation throughout the 11 weeks I have been on this diet, something I never suffer from normally.

I use 2tsp everyday of Fibre 89 and even take Phsyllium husks caps as well. I also use duloc-lax twice a week and I still suffer!! I did try the Phsyllium husk powder which didnt help and also made me hate my drinks, which is a pity because I know that these help most people out. I also drink between 4 to 5 ltrs every day.

I nearly gave up the diet because of it but I can just about cope now and Im determined to see it through.

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