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Help Pls!!!

Hey Guys, I'v got loads of money to pay out for different things these next couple of months including xmas prezzies and am finding it hard to keep my food budget low by being on all original days, it seems like green days would work out alot cheaper but just wondering whether suddenly switching from all red to mostly green would affect my weightloss?

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I done the Atkins diet for 6 months before doing SW and I put on 1lb in the firsst week of going straight into green days but the week after that I lost 3lb, so I wouldnt worry about switching straight from red onto purely green hun x
I wouldn't worry too much about it if you do, any gain will only be temporary - lets face it, vegetarians can only do green and they don't gain!
Sticking to any of the plans won't make you gain, it's the extra bits that put the weight on us!!

Your bank balance will benefit though!!
Good luck. x

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I've found that I do actually have better losses when I stick to a full red week, but I do get hungry easier (probably because the green days pasta, rice, potatoes etc are much more filling and my body craves them) so I tend to end up spending a lot more money buying extra chicken to fill up!

A full week on green used to be my norm at the start because I always seemed to be so hungry, and although I'd still have ok losses, they weren't as good as on a red week, even when I made sure I was adding in as many speed symbol foods as I could.

I've been doing EE since it came out because I enjoy the variety and choice, and even though I reckon I'd have a better loss by sticking to red I rarely do that.

Whatever plan you're on works! Our food preferences and the way our bodies deal with the foods we eat, can vary a lot so I would say that you should give green your best shot, keeping up those speed symbol foods and keeping up your fluid intake and who knows, your body might just get a boost and you might even loss more!?

Best o'luck with it anyways!


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I've only ever done green days, and I've somehow lost 13.75lbs in 3 weeks! No idea how as all I've done is eat haha.

Not sure if it would have been more or less on a red day of course, but green days definitely work!

Even if your weight loss slows a little, you would still be losing and it would be within budget, so win win!!


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I prefer EE days myself, but why not do things gradually?
Instead of going from a red week to a green week, why not have a week of some red and some green days, then lessen the red days each week until you're only doing green?
That way your body can get used to it, and it'll still be cheaper x

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