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help plsssssss!!!!!!

well i have joined ww this morning and stayed to meeting but because my toddler was crying and whinging and had to leave i didnt get the new starter meeting where they go through the book with u so ive ni idea what the 49 pp are a week aswell as my 30pp im allowed daily, can anyine in laymans terms explain what ww is all about ive looked at the explanation thread but cnt understand it, pls pls pls pls xxxx

thans in advance xx
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Ok. You get 30 points per day from which you will probably have your day to day food. On top of that you have 49 optional extra points. I use a few of my weeklies most days to top up my dailies and the rest at the weekend on treats or going out. Maybe you should give your leader a call to explain it properly?


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As pudnpie said the 49 points are weekly optionals - like a buffer zone really for if you need to go over your daily points. With the dailies, its a case of use them or lose them - so for example if you only use 25 on Thursday, you dont get to carry over the remaining 5 points, they got "lost" and you start again on 30 on Friday, However, if you get to 30 on a particular day yet you fancy a glass of wine or a treat, you can take them off your 49 weeklies. Your weekly points reset on your weigh in day. I personally try not to use my weeklies as I find I dont have great losses when I do (like this week) but I know others use all their daily and weekly points and still have fab losses. Its a case of finding whats right for you.

Hope this helps xx
thank you for all ur replies, im sure once i get my head round it i will be fine, just another quik question, do u all eat the weight watcher meals or cook ur own i was gonna just stik to the frozen and chilled meals for a few weeks till i get my head around it xx
thanks for any replies xxx
If you decide to go for the WW meals just make sure you're pointing them correctly. I know here in Ireland that the supermarkets currently have stock of meals that have both old points and new pro points so it can be confusing. The meals that are pro pointed have the points in a kinof bucket whereas the meals that are pointed using the old points system are in a circle.

Does that make sense? I feel like my brain isn't working today.
i would only use the ready meals if you are busy, its easy to just weigh your food and then cook your meat or fish and then add lots of veg, if you have the pocket guide its in there what value is on foods, watch the potatoes as they are pp when they are cooked in different ways on pge 49 it explain it. hope you can understand that. any problems let us know and we will try and help :D happy dieting


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I use ready meals a couple of days a week just to break from cooking. Either WW ones, m&s count on us or waitrose and occasionally the Tesco healthy eating ones. Tesco and m&s also have the points on them but as the previous poster said, check whether they are the new pro points. I always have some veg with them to pad them out.
The ready meals should be used in moderation - just like any ready meals.

Most people try to see WW as a lifestyle change rather than a diet - and learning portions and cooking your own food gives you skills for life, and as a result you are so much more likely to keep the weight off in the long run. It's such a fantastic way to learn new good habits, and the wonderful thing is that when cooking for the family (as I do nearly every night) there isn't any need to cook different meals - it's healthy and good for everyone and you learn very quickly how you can maximise taste and satisfaction without all the calories!

Good luck on your journey!
if your going to do the ready meals check the sugar and salt content make sure they arent too high! :) as although they may be within points range the extra salt in these meals increases the water in your body and makes you bloated etc :)
Agree with pudnpie - def beef out the meals with extra veg or you'll be starving half an hour after eating. I rarely eat ready meals for that very reason! Then again, my appetite is humongous.

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