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Help !!!!plz help me i want to know how to get your stats on your page

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Me2u1605, 17 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Me2u1605

    Me2u1605 Well-Known Member


    I just wondered if you could help me I noticed that some people have got there WI results week by week but I don't know how to do this so can someone help plz

    Many thanx

    Tracy x
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  3. Smuffin

    Smuffin Well-Known Member

  4. Me2u1605

    Me2u1605 Well-Known Member

    Thank you smuffin xx
  5. Me2u1605

    Me2u1605 Well-Known Member

    Grrrrr it's not working !!!
  6. Me2u1605

    Me2u1605 Well-Known Member

    Hi smuffin
    I went on to it and pushed edit signature I wrote on it pushed save and it hasn't happened should I be doing something else xx
  7. Smuffin

    Smuffin Well-Known Member

    Hmm no anything you write in the signature should appear. Are you looking for a tracker maybe like I have on mine? You can get one here : Weight Loss - Diet Ticker
  8. Me2u1605

    Me2u1605 Well-Known Member

    Yippeee I did it smuffin, eventually, thanx for all your help xx
  9. Me2u1605

    Me2u1605 Well-Known Member

    Do I have to put all my waist info on it ?? Xx

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